Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mushroom Art

Ok, so maybe this isn't mushroom art (don't quite know what that might be), but this piece definitely has a mushroom on it. I made this background with cuttings from a catalog we got in the mail, and the colors turned out much deeper and richer than I had expected. I immediately saw the mushroom in the image and just sort of brought it out a little bit more strongly. It has a good bit of gold on it, which unfortunately is hard to see on this photo. These are very different colors for me and I really love the richness of it.

As an aside, we are having weather that is so unusual for us - today we barely made it above 60 degrees and it's been gray, windy and rainy all day. We keep joking that my friend brought the weather with her from Germany... But truly, we are enjoying the late cool days as we usually are well in the 80's by now! Having had my friend here has been wonderful! We can't believe a week has almost passed and she leaves again tomorrow. Although we are both sad her vacation is coming to an end, we truly made every minute count!


  1. Yes yes! I agree it's a mushroom!
    I like the earthy feel of it.

    I hope you're enjoying your time with your friend. Yeah for buddies!

  2. Yeah! that you are able to make art with your friend visiting. I can't seem to make anything and I'm all by myself. Sorry your visit is coming to an end, I hope it was a nice one.

  3. The more I look at your image the more I like it. The mushroom reminds me of a young "King Bolete" that grows in our neck of the woods. They sometimes have a reddish hue like the one in your painting.

    By the way, I thought the resurrection ferns in your last post were amazing. It's so fascinating to see what kind of flora grows in other areas.

  4. Wonderful, what fantastic colours! I think this is my favourite so far. Sorry that your friend's visit is coming to an end, but I'm sure you enjoyed every minute!

  5. Love your abstract mushroom art. The colours are intense and vibrant.

    Oh the cold is here too. Most mornings the sun is shinning and you think we're going to get a lovely summer day. Then about 10 am the clouds go grey and we get rain and more rain and more rain! Uk for you,lol!

    Sending you a BIG SMILE!

  6. I can hear the faeries rustling the leaves around your dear mushroom! Glad for you that the trip went well! Blessings friend.

  7. the weather has been so odd...we had 23 days straight of rain. I am loving this new thing called 'sunshine!' :)

  8. It`s georgeus, -like standing near a fire-lending color to the surrundings-
    very special.
    Evening here now, but warm and quiet.-


  9. gorgeous!! I am totally into all things mushroom at the moment. Tom's pants, Zac's Top, a new piece of art hanging in my hallway, a skirt that i recently made!! So 70s and so hip :)

    And YES! my head is feeling much better thank you!


  10. It's definitely a mushroom! I make little mushroom houses, I just adore mushrooms!

    So glad you had a wonderful time with your friend, wishing her a safe journey.

    Take care

    Sarah x

  11. I am so glad you had a lovely visit with your friend!! My husband's family is German and I love when they come visit-- always so sweet!

  12. Your mushroom is gorgeous, I love the colors.
    Your trip to Savannah looks lovely. I would like to travel there sometime,

  13. Thank you for your kind words!