Monday, February 21, 2011

Signs of Spring

It has been warmer than normal here - today we are getting close to 78℉ (25℃), which is WAY above average (low 60's). That's how our winter has been so far - much colder than normal or a good bit warmer.
But because these were the first really warm days pretty much since November, everyone was outside. We practically lived on our back porch this last weekend.
Earlier this year, Daniel had ordered a bluebird house for our front yard and it looks like a happy bluebird couple has moved in. I'll have to try to get a photo for you...
I can't believe some of the daffodils are getting flowers already. Daniel planted over 100 bulbs last year, so it'll be very pretty around our yard this spring!
The roses are starting to grow and, of course, the hardy pansies have been blooming all winter! I took a photo of these because I just love that color. Talk about happy flowers!
And the shamrocks seem to be practicing for St. Patrick's Day, a huge deal in Savannah next month!
As you can see, sooner or later nature wakes up again!

A little bit of hope for those of you still dealing with blankets of snow and freezing temperatures! I hope spring comes your way soon...


  1. Awesome! Flowers! Love seeing these on your blog already because it means it's heading our way. Yeah!

  2. I love the photo of the pansy=one of my favorite flowers! We have just the tiniest little bits of green coming up in Missouri.

  3. Everything is looking so green and full of life, I always love seeing those first flowers come out of hiding. We still have to wait a bit for our "green" to emerge and are supposed to get back down into the negative digits later this week...brr. Enjoy your weather and all that beautiful new life taking shape in your yard...isn't spring just the best time of the whole year.:)

  4. such a beautiful sentiment.

    "nature wakes up again"

    happy awakening!!!

  5. How beautiful Silke - and those temperatures are really warm! Lovely to see everything springing into is the same here, although quite a bit colder (around 55) I don't know if you know but you WON my big giveaway prize this morning! Congratulations, I'm so happy! Visit the blog for details & have a lovely day xoxo Rachel

  6. thanks, i needed to see some life! the blizzard dumped another foot on us, but a great day for me inside the studio...poor hubby had to shovel three times!

  7. I just want to come sit in your yard Silke!
    It is pouring cold rain here, mud abounds, and not sure it is going to let up, or worse yet, turn to that wintery stuff! ACK!
    Hopefully we did not have enough of a warm up for buds to pop, but that is typical Indiana. It is far too early to be up in the 50's.
    I'm all for more coffee and looking at your pictures..... :-)


  8. It's so nice to see the new growth and the pretty flowers! Yes, I knew Spring would come again...eventually, but my patience was starting to wear a little thin. And doing a knitting project after 15 or 20 years of no knitting at all wasn't helping my patience one bit!! LOL Enjoy the nice weather Silke. I'm sure we'll be joining you soon!

  9. Wow! So wonderful to see signs of new life and to know that spring WILL eventually come to the midwest!! Thank you for your inspiration!!

  10. Isn't it lovely seeing all the buds and the early flowers. We've got cold and greyness today here in the UK but spring is definitely out there!xx

  11. Chez moi aussi le printemps a commencé à nous montrer sa présence...

  12. Lovely photos! I especially like the macro shots!! Those closeups are my fav! So glad to hear you are seeing signs of spring! And for us northerners it is a pleasure to look at! I for one am hoping for early spring! :)

  13. DeLovely! I've found some bulbs popping up too from last year. We have had rainy, gray weather. Definitely not my style. What a contrast with your early spring to my friend in New York with snow encasing her blubs. **kisskiss** Deb

  14. Jealous! Still lots of snow on the ground here.

  15. Oh wie schön! Das blüht ja schon prächtig. Hier ist es noch extrem kalt.
    LG Sabine

  16. I can't believe how everyting's bursting forth already, but I'm a bit concerned should we have another cold front coming in ...

  17. What a sight for sore eyes - thank you for sharing, Silke! We are no where near to having such signs of spring - although, my snowdrops have come up, not blooming yet and I heard some starlings this morning, so it can't be too much longer...

  18. Such a beautiful post...seeing all that nature excites me..beautiful photos..I hope to see one of your bluebirds I have never seen one! we are covered in snow here..and i feed the little chickadees by hand( so cold)..but I am dreaming of my garden..i think the birds are too!

    Congrats on your art being featured..and loved the profiteroles recipes..those are gorgeous..nice to catch up with your magical world..and as always all the scarves etc that you make are beautiful!
    Have a happy magical day!
    PS: love the moth-butterfly necklace..very special!your Daniel makes me think of my Bruce always getting me special enchanting surprises like that!

  19. I'm pretty far from any sign of spring here in Sweden (more snow today - yay!) but I just find this blog so inspiring - thanks! Looking forward to reading more...