Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The first blossoms are bursting to open, but I think we'll still have to wait a day or two. And with the warmer and balmier weather, the frogs are out and about again. I have missed them..

To those of you new to my blog, I have to give you fair warning. Now starts the time I will probably overwhelm you with photos from our garden and our walks in the neighborhood. Spring inspires and delights me! Thank you in advance for indulging me...

And thank you so much for all the good advice on my scarf. Even though almost everyone had a different opinion (I knew that would happen), it still gave me an idea of what I'll do. Because I knit this on the diagonal, the short edges never look that nice to me. So, I'll knit a little border with the soft mohair yarn and then - if I have more yarn leftover - I'll list it without a fringe, but with the option of me adding one if so desired. Thank you, Doris (Crocheting in Georgia) for that great idea!! I'll be sure to show it to you again when it's finished.

You all are the best!!


  1. I am READY for all your photos of Spring Silke!!! And the little frog..OH! (better than frogging in knitting...ahem.)
    Happy Spring to you~~obviously it has arrived SOMEWHERE.


  2. Liebe Silke,

    wir hatten Sonnenschein, aber es war sehr kalt.

    Frohe Grüße
    Angela und Elisabeth

  3. please oh please dear Silke, OVEWHELM us with garden photos!!!!

  4. I am jealous that you are enjoying spring and we still have snow on the ground. Well, not really...I'll just get my spring fix from you! :o)

  5. Wie süß, das Fröschlein. Freu mich schon auf die nächsten Frühlingsbilder.
    LG Sabine

  6. Looking forward to watching the progression of your garden.

  7. "Hello little froggie! Thanks for bringing Spring to somebody!" LOL

  8. You're welcome, Silke! I like to give my potential customers a little choice now and again - I can't believe how quickly Spring is arriving here - I took so many photos today that I could not even post them all in one post...I have to split them up: bees, birds, flowers - unbelievable...what a great time to be alive!

    Enjoy this weather!

  9. Hi Silke,

    Snow is back in Munich, so, YES, please overwhelm me with lots of lovely spring photos!!! :)


  10. Le printemps commence à montrer le bout de son nez chez nous aussi, mais les fleurs sortent timidement.
    J'adore votre petite grenouille...

  11. When I was a child, I loved the frogs :-) I took them often, I liked feel their smooth skin into my hands... Ha ha, and when they moved, I jumped! :-D But always it was funny. Thanks for all this memories. Kiss!

  12. Ich freu mich schon auf die Bilder, vor allem da der Frühling hier noch auf sich warten lässt:-)

  13. no spring here yet, since we got snow last night..but then I love snow!

  14. Love these photos! And that frog is so cute! lol His color is amazing! Funny, before I had art in my life I probably would not have even noticed! Bring on the photos! :)

  15. Welcome spring! Lucky you!!! :) I look forward to all your lovely garden photos!!! Theresa

  16. fair warning? garden photos?

    OOOOOOOOH. swooon.


  17. A froggie!
    It will be a while before we see anything remotely like that here. Sigh!

  18. Oh you are sooo lucky to have a blossom already..spring truly is on it's way! ~smile~

    I LOVE pictures as you can tell by my blog..so am looking forward to all of yours!!!

    xoxo Gert<3

  19. How sweet . . . I love those adorable wee tree frogs! :-)