Friday, February 25, 2011

An afternoon in Savannah...

After a morning of cleaning and clearing out and a trip to Goodwill with a whole trunk of donations, Daniel convinced me to take the afternoon off and go to Savannah with him and Winslow.
You know you live in a beautiful place when you grab your camera to go on a simple walk and come home with 60 photos, of which I am only showing you the most beautiful.
The weather was beautiful and the flowers stunning. We walked by the Juliette Gordon Low house, the first headquarters of the Girl Scouts in America.

It is a gorgeous house,
but for some reason the lions look pitiful. Don't you think so? I wanted to pet their head and wipe away the tears...
The garden was beautiful and I got some nice photos.

Then we made our way to our favorite cafe in town, Gallery Espresso, sat outside, drank a coffee and looked into the giant live oaks. While sitting there, we noticed this parade of costumed people walking by. At first I thought there was a parade somewhere and then we realized it was the cast of some movie being filmed around there.
A very pretty young woman in a beautiful dress walked by at some point and really liked Winslow. We chatted for a bit and she left. Later she came back and asked if she could give Winslow a treat (some brisket from their buffet). Winslow LOVED her!!

When we got back home, I googled which movie was being filmed and it's a film called "Savannah." (You can click here for more info. Apparently it's about a true story.) And the pretty lady who was spoiling Winslow was Jamie Alexander, a talented young actress. Actually, I've seen her in a few TV shows, but do you think I would have recognized her? I've met a few quite famous people in my life, but I never (never!!) recognize them at the time. I am always thinking: "Oh, that person looks just like ____."
As we walked on, we saw streets being cleared of dirt,
old wagons,
carriages, and some of the film crew.
After all that excitement, we went in search of secret gardens,
beautiful houses,
and many more flowering trees,

I leave you with these two gates.

Aren't they fun?

Today, we are in Charleston and you know I am going to have lots of pictures to share with you when we get back...

Wishing you a Happy Friday!!

P.S. Since I wrote this last night, we decided to go to Charleston tomorrow (Saturday). It's supposed to rain today, but tomorrow it'll be sunny again. It's so much more fun to sightsee in the sunshine...


  1. Ohh, Danke für den Frühlingsgruß:-)

  2. THE TWO GATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love, love, love Savannah! It is on of my favorite cities. I have been wanting to head back that way lately. Actually I got a "new" vehicle so I'm wanting a road trip bad! Everything looks so gorgeous in your photos. The last time we were down there they were filming a movie too right in front of the B&B where we were staying. We just missed Robert Redford! The movie is coming out this year I believe, and is called Lincoln or something like that. Charleston will also be pretty, but Savannah is still my favorite!

  4. "Savannah" is looking good! The actual city, and that new movie that's being produced!! I'll be looking for that for sure!...Enjoy your sight-seeing in Charleston. We're having fun in the snow, sleet, and rain today! Aren't you jealous?! LOL

  5. How beautiful to see spring unfolding and I can totally visualize your trip to Charleston because I just visited for the first time ever two weeks ago.
    I can just imagine the inspiration that will issue forth from you after soaking in the warmth and the sights.
    xoxo Kim

  6. I just came in out of the snow and oh my gosh....those photos warm me to the bone!
    What an amazingly beautiful place to be so close to history and all the exotic plants; trees with Spanish Moss, wrought iron that looks like lace, and yes, the cat gates are a HOOT!
    (and lucky KNOW he's going to be a bit smug about his brush with, and food from, FAME!!!)
    A delightful day.....


  7. Beatiful pics! When I read something about Savannah I always remember a fantastic book "The Prince of Tides" by Pat Conroy. The movie wasn't so good than the book. Savannah was the name of the main character's sister.

    I enjoy always to visit your blog! :-) Hugs!

  8. J'ai été heureuse d partager via vos photos un peu de votre charmante promenade et je me suis remplie les yeux de vos belles fleurs...

  9. Your photos make me long even more for spring!
    And those lions do look very sad - I wonder what the artist was thinking...

  10. pretty and warm city! and a lot of amzing flowers! I wouldn't mind seeing it myslef:)

  11. Liebe Silke,

    du warst aber sehr fleißig. Wunderbar!

    Frohe Grüße
    Angela und Elisabeth

  12. Diese Katzenpforten sind fantastisch.
    LG Sabine

  13. Silke, what beautiful photos. Looks such a dreamy day. Missing these and was nice to touch a little of summer.
    I also noticed one of you paintings on the right side of your blog. Its amazing and so looks like you!

  14. Silke- spring is really coming!! How wonderful to see these gorgeous pictures that you have shared! You had a beautiful spring day- oh I cannot wait for our spring to arrive!
    We are in Florida - spent a beautiful day at the seashore. We started our day at the special little bakery you told me about- love the pistachio muffins!!
    Tomorrow- our cruise begins--

  15. What a lovely day, you captured it perfectly. Someday I'll visit the south it looks wonderful.

  16. Darling Silke...I've never been to Savannah but how I long to now! Those camellias (Paul's favourite flower) & magnolias..stunning. We, too, have a pair of sad lions in our Market Square here (they are larger) sculpted at around the same time as yours...I wonder if it's some kind of symbol? I so loved coming along on your trip and look forward to Charleston...Gone with the Wind country, that's what I always think of! love to you, Rachel xoxo ps Giveaway prize is in the post! x

  17. oh wow!!!!!!!!!!!! these photos are gorgeous!!!!!!
    I am longing for Spring Silke!!!!!!!!!!!