Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Painting!


  1. Oh my goodness! I was glued to the screen listening to your beautiful soothing voice. The video made me feel as if you were talking to me and I actually asked you a question! HAHAHAHA!

    This is lovely both the art and the video. May I ask you how you render the materials acid-free? Such beautiful intricate work, I would like that preserved for a very long time!

    Have a lovely day Silke. Enjoy watering the garden! Alas, I am home and under the weather. TSUP!

  2. We like it Silke, we like it a lot...both the painting and the video. How fun to see you "live" like that, I hope you do this more often.:)

  3. Bad internet connection today, so I will have to watch the video some other time. The painting is fabulous - so joyous, it seems to me.
    And I just can't get over what a gorgeous woman you are!


    are you kidding? i've just looked at 55 seconds so far and i am over the top seeing how you smile, hearing the calm intelligence of your voice, connecting with your sweet and steady temperment.a


    that's for sure. that piece of art is YOU!!!!

    okay, i am going to calm myself now and try to be an attentive student. i have six minutes of exciting instruction ahead.

    but silke! i love seeing, hearing, knowing you. this is pretty damn awesome.

  5. Hi Silke!!
    how fantastic to see and hear you. I loved it. Also to hear you describe how your painting was made was so interesting to me. The painting is beautiful, i wouldn't know if it were done either, but it looks perfect to me.

    have a wonderful, cool, perfect day!

  6. okay, i'm back. wow.

    --there is such depth in the blues. to me it is the universe.

    --the birds occurred spontaneously? unbelievable! and i since i've been recently well educated about totems, i think these birds mean something.

    --your hands move like a ballet.

    --i love how you keep keeping through the canvass.

    --and finally, silke: you have become a confident artist. you present that way, it has become part of you. do you know that?

    i am just back from a wild weekend here and i am delighted i found time this morning to stop by.

    yay silke.


  7. OMGoodness OMGoodness OMGoodness, you are even MORE BEAUTIFUL than your photos!!! You are an enchantress!!! I must say, I was quite surprised to learn you do not have an accent. Oh Silke, Daniel is one lucky man. The painting is lovely, but sorry, YOU stole the show. **blows kisses** Deb

  8. Hi Silke! Yes, I like the LIVE you! It's so funny how you picture how you think people will sound..because I didn't realize I had being doing that until I heard your voice!! ^_^ I pictured your voice much deeper. Sort of like Rue McClanahan's (Golden Girls). Your voice is very confident, yet soothing. Nice!...And the painting ain't bad either!! ^_^

  9. Oh Deborah, wait till you hear her voice on the phone. HEHEHEHE! Tsup!

  10. This is lovely Silke! YES, do more vlogging! You're great at it. I'm scared to DEATH to take it to that level so you are my hero :)

    LOVE the art piece, so very awesome!

  11. Yay Silke....I love vlogging and I love vloggers...wonderful to see you in action!Beautiful vlog..I enjoyed it very much!

    AW..Thats too bad you are having trouble with your site..hope it works out soon!

    Beautiful painting..the deep-journeying-beauty really shines through..i felt as though i was traveling inside a hidden is a wonderful magnetic piece..! thanks for sharing more of your magic!

  12. Oh, my goodness a video!! I love it! So great to hear your voice and see the painting like this! More, please!

    Love the abstract -- it looks like a dream to me, you know what I mean? I saw the little birds right away and also the bigger white patch looks like a bird too. I also can see a man in the upper right corner. You did a good job making the video -- I think maybe you need to be on TV! And I had to laugh when you scratched your nose. So natural, just you being lovable you! hugs, Beth

  13. Silke!! Loved the vlog!! So happy to hear your voice! you did a great job! And I love the new abstract painting! Its great! Looks like it was fun to paint!

    Looking forward to seeing more vlogs from you! :)

  14. This is the best post/Vlog ever! I enjoyed listening you explain all the aspects of your painting, the materials you used and how you did it - very informative and so beautiful. I think this may be my most favorite picture yet!

    Yes, more Vlogs... I enjoyed it very much.

    Thank you,

    p.s. I expected a bit of a heavier German accent. How long have you been in the USA?

  15. The Vlog was awesome and I learned a lot. : )
    Your piece is absolutely stunning!! xoxo

  16. Well done Silke - this was so worth watching! Fascinating to learn how you put your painting together - I wonder if you will leave it or take it further? I think it looks pretty good at this stage - the colours and textures are super. Lovely to see and hear you there and I for some reason, also thought you might have more of a German accent!

  17. I absolutely LOVE YOUR ART. Really beautiful, love the colours. xx

  18. What a beautiful piece of art - I love the texture of it very much.

    I also thought you have a soothing and very listenable voice! Definitely vlog lots! x

  19. How cute are you? Thanks for sharing that fun and informative little video. Good job!

  20. it's beautiful, clever, ingenious, riveting ! ANd I can't wait for you to paint a dancer....

  21. Wow - das ist klasse! Hat einen Riesenspaß gemacht Dich in Aktion und Farbe zu erleben. Mehr davon:-)

  22. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! What a TREAT! Hey there, beautiful lady! You know, I had to pause and get a fresh cup of coffee. And then I cursed because I did not have any delicious pastries. But I rushed back so that I could feel like I was sharing a little cuppa with you in your kitchen with Winslow padding around in the background. :D

    Beautiful painting! I'm a texture junkie, too, and I'd have to run my hands over that piece every time I walked by. I love those birds! I see a mysterious woman in a flowing white gown walking by a bright red setting sun.....

    More vlogs, yes!!!!

  23. Silke, your gorgeous! Such beautiful deep eyes. Love the shape of your nose. Beautiful contours!
    Loved watching your vlog!
    Loads of love!


  24. Hi Silke! How lovely it is to SEE you. This was a great treat. It was fun hearing you explain about your newest piece of art - which is very different and SO beautiful! I love the textures and the colors and the movement of the piece. I like the "birds" in it - and the way you explained how they came to be in your piece. Please do more of these - it was so much fun! Theresa

  25. oh wow silke, i feel an even closer connection to you now! i loved just feeling like we were in your kitchen together, talking about your latest piece! which, btw, is gorgeous! almost as gorgeous as you are! now tell me how you didn't seem at all nervous? i spend the first few minutes looking like a dear in headlights, then the rest of the time i'm all spacey.

    glad i inspired you to do this, please do more, it connects us all and there is so much more you can say then when you type a post.

    i was doing the happy dance when i saw this!! muah to you brave lady, you are soooooooooo beautiful! xoxo

  26. Silke dear- you totally rock. What an imaginative way to "show and tell" about your most fabulous piece of art. That picture is amazing- and my friend- so are you. How beautiful you are- and how much fun was this to be able to listen to you talk about your creation. I've never seen this done on a blog before- you win the prize dear friend!
    Ps- we are in St Martin and have just survived a tropical storm here- oh the stories I could tell you!

  27. Wow Silke, what a fantastic job you did! I love your abstract piece with all it's iridescence and texture. I'm with Manon, it looks like a finished piece to me. It was so fun to see you and hear you speak. You look gorgeous and you sound so warm and inviting, just as your writing conveys.

  28. Hello Silke, you beautiful spirit you!
    LOVED this, as I already told you... One thing I forgot to say was that as I watched it I thought of how people who'd never heard you yet would love your accent, I know I do. So it's funny to see that someone (?) said you don't have an accent at all! Funny. It is more slight than it used to be but it's there and it's beautiful. VERY charming!

    Also, you do sound quite confident. You've come a long way. CONGRATULATIONS.