Friday, October 22, 2010

Late Bloomer

As promised a little break from deep thoughts ... but first thank you all again for your encouragement! You are wonderful!!

Now to the late bloomer! While most plants in our garden are winding down and signaling fall, but we have a new shrub/tree that is just now starting to flower - the confederate rose (hibiscus mutabilis). 
I was going to take a picture of this flower on Wednesday when it started blooming and was completely white (the color of the flower bud in the picture). Imagine my surprise when I stepped up to it yesterday and found it a beautiful pink. I remembered Daniel telling me that the flowers start out white and then change to pink, but I didn't expect it to be so intense! Isn't that something?
Wishing you a most wonderful Friday!!

We are spending the day in Atlanta to pick up some of Daniel's artwork that has been in a traveling show for the last two years. Should be fun! I'll take the camera in case I see anything to share with you...


  1. You know, sometimes the late bloomers always bloom more colorfully than the rest! :-) It's gorgeous!! Please show us a picture when it's completely open too!

  2. Ich wünsche euch eine gute Fahrt und viele schöne Eindrücke! Bin auf deinen Landlust-Post gespannt!
    Herzliche Grüße,

  3. So pretty..what a dazzling are lucky..everything thing here is beginning to sleep!lovely color-rush!
    Yay..hope you both have fun.....Happy wkd!

  4. The flower looks like what we call a mallow up here in *Yankee-Country*....LOL! It is a beautiful pink!
    Have a fun day~~enjoy yourselves!!!


  5. Beautiful flower. A late bloomer just like many of us and so much more colorful because of it!!

  6. Silke this flower is so beautiful, love the richness the magenta color! :)

  7. Gorgeous flower. We still have some "late bloomers" in the garden, as well. It's wonderful to see the remnants of summer in the throes of autumn. Enjoy your trip today! Theresa

  8. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeutiful! Wishing you a lovely trip and a most wonderful weekend, Oh Beautiful One!! **kisskiss** Deb

  9. The perfect flower to represent all us late bloomers out there.

  10. here's to every pink or white or brown or black or yellow late bloomer everywhere!

    a perfect exclamation point for your previous two posts!

    happy weekend, silke.