Friday, April 30, 2010

This, That, and the Other

A few days ago, I received mail from the talented Anne Huskey-Lockard of El Milagro Studio. When I opened it, out fell this ATC (Artist Trading Card) she had made for me.
I love it, especially my new set of wings... She painted it on both sides and I wish you could see some of the detail work that is actually embossed on it. And the message more than meaningful for me! Just wonderful!! Thank you, Anne!!

Now, guess what I had sent to her to warrant such a return gift?! Dead leaves. Yep, a box filled with dead oak leaves to use in her art. I'd say that was a good trade for me. Anne, you are the best!!
And as we are on the subject of ATCs, here's my latest from today. I was playing with some Golden airbrush paints that are fluid like ink. Very fun and very different in what you can do with them. They are also highly staining, so wherever they drip, there they are. She was a fun little (very little!) experiment. I still can't get used to how tiny ATCs are. What you can't see is some of the Golden micaceous iron oxide that adds just the right amount of sparkle.
Ok, complete change of subject! I was sitting out on the back porch this afternoon and suddenly heard something big whooshing past me. When I looked up, it was a big pileated woodpecker. They are just the oddest looking birds - they look prehistoric to me. We don't see them often, so this was a treat!
A few minutes later, the wren family came to feast. One baby preening,
another checking out what's going on,
and the third enjoying a bite to eat. I wonder how much longer until they are off on their own...
St. Francis thought that this was all as it should be,
Winslow was feeling sleepy,
and the oak leaf hydrangea just concentrated on opening it's beautiful blossoms.
Another day at the Powers house... And now begins a new one! I hope it will be a good day for all of us!!


  1. Hi sweet Silke, you realy are an angel, so sweet, love the atc`s .
    And the nature photoes, are wonderfull,I so understand Sct.Francis, was happy with it all.
    Wishing you a very good day too, dear friend.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  2. What a lovely gift you received! I love all the pictures. We really enjoy the birds in the summer, if the dogs allow them to hang around and don't chase them off. :)

  3. Annes Geschenk ist einfach nur lieb und rührend! Grüße, Verena

  4. What a wonderful gift, you should wear wings all the time they suit you ;)

    Micki x

  5. Yay..Silke the Fairy..too cute! Such a Happy fun-spirited post..lovely those woodpeckers..they are powerful and bring great energy! Lucky! Wonderful art as always..and always a joy to visit. Have agorgeous day!

  6. Silke,
    I love you with wings! So fitting. Your photos are beautiful! My fav is the little fat birdy with lots of bokah. That shot looks professional!

    I'm having a fund raiser for a lovely lady with brain cancer. Pop over and read her story, share with your readers if you can.


  7. Oooh i love this. I can see you observing all of these. The oak leaf hydrangea is one mighty beautiful plant and flower. I have never seen that before. That would be my hydrangea of choice! Good morning and good day Silke dearest.

  8. Hey Silke,

    Yes, no everyone knows I lust after odd things! (my studio is living proof...I must have been a curator at a natural history museum in a previous life...haha!)
    I love working with the Golden micaceous iron oxide. And I know what you mean--the sheen is subtle and powerful but almost impossible to photograph. I have used that a lot in the box canvas series, in the corners to *dirty* them up.
    Love your birds, and a bit envious of the oak leaf hydrangea. Some do grow here, but they are in town where they are more protected. I have wanted one ever since I saw the first!
    Have a good day with studio time!


  9. Oh Silke, Ann did a fabulous job on your ATC! It totally captures YOU and all you are to so many. SWEET!
    I had a woodpecker like that once! OMG, do they make a mess and they are HUGE birds! Well, mine was :)
    Have a fabulous weekend my dear!!♥

  10. I love your photos. Maybe you can fly better now that you have wings on your shoulders rather than a dog like you have in your "About Me" portrait.

  11. The wings are a good fit for you.:) Very nice painting, I like the background. Winslow does look a bit sleepy and very content. We had a pileated wood pecker hanging about the garden a few days ago, they really do look unusual.

  12. oh for the love of baby birds aint' spring grand!!!

  13. silke, another post of 'where to start?'

    okay, i'll start as you did, with anne. wow. i am just getting to know her talent and work and i am intrigued by your wings. beautiful and inspirational. all this from a woman who is willing to push troublemaking to its most fun edge!

    now: the birds. i would LOVE to see a woodpecker. i have families of birds in my yard and i love their visits. i watch the babies learn to fly from my kitchen window. that you know the importance of such events says everything about you.

    what have i left out? certainly this: have a great weekend. i hope your sun will be as full as mine!


  14. Happy Friday, Silke! What a SWEET gift. The wings suit you quite nicely. :) Look at all those precious birds!!! They're so beautiful. I hear the woodpeckers around here, but I haven't spotted any yet. I'm still so entranced with our blue jay mom nesting in our lilac bush. I try not to disturb her since the family is RIGHT outside our back door! Enjoy your weekend! Theresa :)

  15. Love the ATCs! You look fantastic with wings!

  16. That is a great ATC with your beautiful face on it. What a wonderful gift from your friend Anne. I love your post and the details of your yard. Have a great weekend.

  17. Oh my, what a perfect fit those wings are on you darling! Perfect.
    Anne always amazes me! What a bundle. All for the love of dead oak leaves. One womans leaf pile is another womans art fodder!
    What a friday morning bird watching. Thank you so much for sharing that.
    We have woodpeckers but I have never seen one that huge! They do look prehistoric. I bet they are really loud too. The small ones we have make quite a ruckus!
    Have a gorgeous weekend enjoying the beautiful spring.
    Love and hugs.

  18. what a thoughtful beautiful ATC from your friend Anne....i love your wings and i love all that she wrote on the flip side....something to cherish!!!

    i also love your new ATC....beautiful and all the wonderful pics of your sweet visitors. to me it looks like the two sweet little wrens are kissing!!! so precious!!!

    happy friday gor-juss Silke!!!


  19. Angel, butterfly Silke!!! Anne's wonderful ATC is perfect for you. I'm gathering up some leaves today, I just need Anne's address : )

    Love your ATC and your photos

  20. i just adore that ATC with you and your wings. both sides are just absolutely gorgeous! i'm excited to check out more of her work. and what terrific photos! i'm loving that woodpecker. we've had quite a few in our yard as well and i just love their red heads.

    have a wonderful weekend!

  21. What a beautiful gift for a beautiful person. It seems birds are on bloggers minds these days. I love seeing the different birds from all over the world.

  22. i always knew you had wings....but i've always thought them to be angel wings! love your ATC!! happy weekend to you, silke! xox, :))))

  23. I LOVE that ATC! Hahahahaha, you look very spritely and beautiful with wings, Silke. So wonderful of Anne to create that for you.

    And airbrush paints! Oh, you are so clever. How very resourceful, and the effect is wonderful. She has a very serene face and is just beautiful.

    Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  24. Oh Lucky You! I LoVe it! Anne did a wonderful job showing off your wings, but it was YOU who grew them. And here at the comment line I see the second version Ces did you with the hamburger! Oh so much JOY in life! **kisskiss** Deb