Saturday, April 24, 2010

Island Living

Daniel and I live on an island. You wouldn't really know it if you didn't notice how many bridges you have to drive over to get from Savannah to our house, but Wilmington Island is one of several barrier islands between the mainland and the Atlantic ocean. If we want to get to the beach, we have to drive just a few minutes to the next island over.

Tybee Island is a true vacation destination and whenever we spend time there, we feel instant relaxation.
So, too, a couple of nights ago when we had dinner at one of our favorite spots, AJ's, situated on the beautiful Tybee Creek where it flows into the ocean.
Dining is casual and if you are lucky, like we were that night, you get to sit on the dock and stare out at the water while enjoying your food.
Does Daniel look relaxed or what?!
Some time ago, we had dinner at another favorite spot, Cafe Loco, situated right on Lazaretto Creek,
where shrimp boats dock and dolphin tours leave from.
We have lived here for four years now and still can't believe that we live so close to where others come to get away from it all.
This is the life!!

P.S. Please remind me of this in a couple of months when it's hot, the humidity stays well above 70% and the mosquitoes are trying to eat me alive...


  1. Ahhhh looks so beautiful Silke! I live on an island too - but right in the middle of it miles from the coast on all sides!!

    Hope you & yours are all well xxxx

  2. Girl don't know the feeling. I love Tybee! I haven't been there in years. My family just lives a few miles from Savannah. We are in low country South Carolina and I love it there. It's beautiful. I really love seeing you and Daniel sitting there looking all relaxed. I hope that the best won't steal all your joy this summer. Use lots of Skin so soft to keep them a bay he he he he!

  3. ooooooooooh!

    that is me signing at your good fortune. i get to spend life near the water most summers. i love eating out on docks or in harbors or in front of the beach. i think the best part of all for you and daniel is that you KNOW how lucky you are and you are so appreciative. your contentment is so awesome to see, silke!

    my favs here are the harbor shots (no offense, daniel!). i hope you keep your camera handy, silke. i like what you see.


  4. oh jeez, don't you hate to have to correct a post just like that? i meant 'i am sighing' not signing.


  5. Oh Silke, i felt i was right there i could almost smell your ocean air. It all looks wonderful, so colorful and yes casual (my favorite!). If i lived there i am sure i would have to cut my hair too, with the heat and humidity, but i would hope to look half as cute as you!
    xxx lori

  6. How dreamy!
    Want to feel better in a couple of months? Think of me. I will be dealing with temps in the 90's, humidity at 90th percentile and mosquito clans large enough they will carry you off before devouring!!! No island, no pretty ocean view, no tourist bliss, just good old fashioned midwest misery! ;)

  7. you are quite lucky indeed to live in one of my favorite places! you and Daniel make such a sweet couple :)

  8. How beautiful! I never realized you lived on an island. It's so heavenly there, but I can imagine the humidity must be something awful in the summer. My husband lived in Charleston, SC when we first met, and I visited him there in July! Oh my!!! I had a serious case of the frizzies. LOL It's no wonder Daniel looks so relaxed...what a place to call home! :) Theresa

  9. what a wonderful place Silke!!! these photos are two are the cutest!!!! so nice to see some of the cool shots by the sea....we are all drawn to water...I love it!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  10. You and Daniel are such an attractive couple! You both look so avant garde. I am happy to see you happy and smiling. Your art these days sing the song of joy. It is contagious. I like coming here and getting infected. HAHAHA! Have a great day. TSUP!

  11. Gorgeous! Love that you are island dwellers, always got water vibes from you and now I know why! Take care dear friend!!!! Blessings.

  12. Ach Silke, das Wetter ist heute auch bei uns traumhaft, aber der Ausblick auf das weite blaue Meer und das sanfte Säuseln der Wellen, das vermissen wir doch sehr. Ich drücke dir die Daumen, das die "mosquitoes" sich diesen Sommer woanders schadlos halten:-) Alles Liebe, Inge

  13. I need an island... lucky you, to live so close to the ocean.

  14. Sounds nice, Silke, and that's why I miss California - Laguna Beach, for me, was living a vacation all year long ;-)

    Enjoy your island :-)

  15. What a beautiful place to live! You two indeed look happy and relaxed. I love the photo with all of the signs - so colorful and homegrown. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog and for sharing your wonderful Island! Happy weekend Silke!

  16. i've said it before and i will say it two are theeeee cutest couple!!! i love these photos and the place where you live looks blissful! i will definitely remind you of the beauty that surrounds you!!!

    sending loads of love and hugs,

    ps...thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog!!! love you!

  17. Hi a super lovely post! Such a sweet couple you are...and beautful surroundings!! Such fun and beauty...yay that was fun..I feel like I went on a little adventure!!
    Have a fabulous day!

  18. You are very lucky and so relaxed. What a lovely place and you live in the midst of it.
    You can, though, have the humidity and the mosquitos. I have no love of those.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Love and hugs

  19. p.s. I meant to aks you if you ever see Pelicans there on the dock? I saw them in Florida, but not so much in California - I love those birds!

    Glad you had a nice time together, Silke, and thanks for visiting me. Yes, I usually try to make the best out of a bad situation and not allow myself to get down over things I have no control over.
    Tschuess, my friend :-)

  20. Silke - How wondeful that you came to visit me - I think you are my newest follower. Thanks you for your interest in my blog.

    You live in the most wonderful place. I would love to spend some time near Savannah and Tybee Island. We also have a home near the beach. Our condo getaway is in Satellite Beach Florida, right on the beach and we can see the Cape from our balcony. (Love those night time launches!)

    I love that we have some similar interests - finding that out from reading through your own wonderful blog. Great pictures - love all the scenes near the water and loved the island pics. I could be so happy iving near the water all the time!

    Love the picture of our Ramses - we have a kitty that looks just like that. We call ours Captain~~~

    I loved meeting you through your blog and hope to learn more about your special place that you live and your wonderful artistry.

    Have a great weekend-

    ps - I am your newest follower also!

  21. I remember AJ's. The sunset! The Cosmos! Big fun!

  22. It looks beautiful and a vacation there would be awesome! My sister lives in SC and would love for us to move there, but I would never be able to handle the heat. I don't even like summer here in northern Illinois when it's in the 90's and humid!

    That ocean is just so gorgeous!

  23. oh your home land looks wonderful! Yes you both look relaxed and happy.

  24. scrolling a long ways DOWN to type my comment is only PROOF of how much you are loved dear silke.
    island living sounds pretty grand to me right now.
    i live in a desert.
    your comment on my post about loving those who are "difficult to love" really was AWESOME. thank you. i didn.t even think about myself, and i should have because i ALWAYS have a harder time loving myself than others.
    thank you so much friend.
    loves and hugs to you.

  25. Island living..... it's something special, even if sometimes very very limiting.... one of the things I miss, living in Singapore, is getting in your car and driving.... knowing that all of Europe is right on your doorstep... well.. alright, big doorstep, but still, you can go somewhere...arrrggghh.....

  26. Silke...How beautiful you are! And how lucky to live in such a BEAUTIFUL corner of the world! It looks just gorgeous...and relaxed...and dripping with color. Inspirational!

  27. Silke it looks so fantastic beautifull,
    I love all the colors, in every corner, and you two ,so relaxed, and sweet.

  28. Ahh, reminds me of my honeymoon! So very beautiful. And what's even better is that you appreciate where you are. Happy Sunday, Silke!

  29. This is the life indeed! I want to move to an island!

  30. Hi Silke. What a life! No wonder you are always so tan. You have a great life and I'm so happy for you. Just popped in to say howdy and have a great week and I enjoyed the tour of your island. Take care.

  31. How neat! This country desert mouse needs a vacation! Thanks for sharing with us.