Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sapelo Island

Yesterday, we visited Sapelo Island here in Georgia and we both loved it! Sapelo Island is partly owned by the State of Georgia and partly by the Hog Hammock Community.
In order to visit the island, you have to reserve a space on the ferry and on an official tour of the island. We reserved a spot for yesterday and couldn't have picked a more beautiful day!

Here we are - happily on the boat!
Our tour guide was just great - she is also a master sweet grass basket weaver, one of six first responders on the island, and a cookbook author.
Don't you just love the color of these lichen?
We visited an old sugar mill, which now houses the Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve and also the local post office.

These barn buildings were originally part of the Reynolds Mansion and now house the University of Georgia Marine Institute. How do you like that turkey fountain?!

Here the beautiful Reynolds Mansion, which was rented out for a wedding and couldn't be toured yesterday.
Happy, happy!

Those of you afraid of snakes, beware! This was the biggest rattle snake I've ever seen - luckily it was dead! Our tour guide showed it to us.
And at the very end, we had some free time at this amazing and empty beach.

A most interesting jellyfish...
and my brain turned to jelly.
And this is for all of you!!
P.S. I should mention that the entire permanent population of the island is only about 80 people anymore; 47 are members of the Hog Hammock community and the rest are scientists and state employees. You can read a little more about it here.


  1. I love to read about your trips and looking on your photos makes me feel to have been there also. Have a nice Sunday, Inge

  2. You have such beautiful pictures to share Silke! I need to start taking more pics myself!
    I also wish I could wear my hair like yours, so cute!! Have a great sunday♥

  3. What a nice trip you had and on such a beautiful day too...I just love exploring new places. I never even knew this spot exhisted...I really have to get busy and start exploring more! When I lived in California, there hardly was a nook and cranny I didn't know - but here, I've not seen much of li' ole Georgia ;-) I rally want to take another trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains. I so enjoy the mountains.
    I think you and hubby picked a great day to go and I'm glad you had a wonderful time, Silke.
    I almost picked up one of those Jellyfish when I was at Jekyll Island the other day because I'm clueless when it comes to those... I love the leaf heart at the end. Thank you :-)

  4. Beautiful pics! Thank you for the heart at the end!

  5. What a delightful trip! Is this the island where the GeeChee culture still flourishes? I never can remember, but the mention of the sweetgrass baskets brought that little bubble up.
    Loved all the photos; just delightful!!!


  6. Thank you for sharing this wonderful trip with us, you have such beautiful beaches near you, wish I could come down for a stroll. I shall have to put this on my to do list the next time we head for Hilton Head :)

  7. Hi Silke! What gorgeous pictures. I love the ones of you - you look so happy. :) It's so nice to get outdoors in the sunshine and look at nature. :) Have a great week! xo Pam

  8. What a wonderful trip, thanks for sharing the beautiful Photos!

  9. Incredible photos. I love a limited visitor place like that. I'm so glad you had a wonderful day.

  10. It sounds like you had a great time. I love the lighthouse, I have always wanted to see one in person...that winding stairway and all.

    We are off to hunt for mushrooms with the grandson and puppy today wish us luck.:)

  11. Hi Silke, what a wonderful trip you and Daniel went on and how beautiful of pictures that you shared! Thank you so much! I've always enjoyed and loved your gorgeous pictures that you share of your outings and new adventures!
    I hope that you have a lovely day!
    Hugs and much love...

  12. Beautiful photos, Silke! Looks like you had a wonderful day!

  13. Just discovered your blog at Anne's...we got the same award. Just dropping in to say hello and looking forward to reading lots more.

  14. Oh, I'd LOVE to climb a lighthouse one day! And I love your jelly brain. Guess what I'm drawing right now... a jellyfish! But I think now I am drawing your brain. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos. Just goes to show, you don't have to travel halfway around the world to see some of nature's most beautiful sights. Have a wonderful day!

  15. Hello Silke!

    I'm from Germany and never been to the States...yet!
    Hopefully I will someday.
    Thanks for showing me around. The pictures are fantastic,really great.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  16. Beautiful photos and what a wonderful way to spend your day!
    Hugs pretty woman!

  17. Love the photos, especially the ones of the staircases. It looks like you had a great time, I would love to walk on those white sandy beaches.

  18. Ah, What a lovely and bright place! And I LOVE the shots of the lighthouse. Amazing! I have never seen a light house...sigh...

  19. Dear Silke, you are so lucky of doing such a beautiful trips, I like very much the photos, thanks for share them to us, I didn't know anything about Sapelo Island, I am glad to have known about it.

  20. lovely.....thank you for sharing!
    thank you for your heart!!!

    i absolutely adore the picture of Daniel looking out the window....happy! happy! and that is exactly how i feel when i come visit you here!!!


  21. The work below is my study of the Sapelo Island patriarch Bilali Muhammad

  22. What a lovely trip! Thank you for saving us all from the rattler! WHEW! Whenever I see jellyfish, all I can think of is that episode from "Friends"...when Chandler got stung. Love the lighthouse. **blows kisses** Deb

  23. I love all of these shots, especially those of the lighthouse! Thanks for taking photos of the interior. It really gives us a sense of what it was like to be inside. And I have to say -- I'd kill for that blue conch shell!! Were you able to bring it home as a souvenir?

  24. What a delightful post - looks like a super trip enjoyed by such a happy couple! What a lovely setting for a wedding too! Love your photos - that heart is such a sweet touch!

  25. A perfect day of adventuring! Love all of your photos...thanks so much for sharing. So glad you had a fabulous time!!!