Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kayaking & Painting My First Tag

On Sunday, Daniel went kayaking with a small group of local kayakers.
They left from Tybee Island and paddled over to Little Tybee, which is completely uninhabited and actually much larger than Tybee.
Once on Little Tybee, they walked around and explored the vast beaches and natural beauty of the island.

This was the little dog that came along in one of the kayaks!

Daniel had a wonderful time and I think next time I might go with them all...
Now, the other day at the craft store, I saw a package of tags and decided to grab it and try my hand at painting a tag. I had such fun!! I used some torn papers, and some image transfers I had lying around.
And then, for good measure, I painted the back side as well.
I painted a few other things as well, which I still have to scan and will show you later this week. Make sure you stop by for tomorrow Wordless Wednesday - it's a great photo Daniel took in Mississippi last year!

Wishing you all a most wonderful day! You certainly always add sparkle to mine Thank you for that!!


  1. Silke, the photos are gorgeous and I like your new paintings, too. I can see in the last one the wonderful under water world maybe in Georgia (?), greetings from Germany, Inge

  2. see silke! see what you create with that blue!

    i love the idea of painting tags, although i am still in-love-stuck with lori's little circles on her travel journals.

    have a great day. i hope it's quiet in your yard.


  3. Love the photos...how peaceful and just plain intoxicating!
    I have always wanted to try tags, but never seem to be able to remember to purchase some when I am out. (and I don't remember lists either...)
    This has inspired me to definitely BUY SOME on my next venture to town......which might be today!


  4. Oh Silke thank you for this post. It does my heart good to know places like this still exist; unmarred by strip malls and pawn shops. He has a wonderful eye; love love the photos. And what a cute dog; he looks so tiny compared to all the beast vastness.

  5. Love the photos and your tag is beautiful!! How cool, to kayak to an uninhabited island!! It gets my imagination going---so much inspiration for stories and art!!

  6. Silke, loved these photos and your tags! I think I could manage a small project like that! Thank you for the inspiration! I love the pattern of the sand in that photo...what a glorious experience! xo

  7. Great photos Silke. It's a beautiful place. I like your tag.You are always so busy and sound so happy. Just stopped by to say hello and wish you a great day and rest of the week.

  8. Little Tybee looks absolutely fascinating! My favorite kind of place!
    Your tag looks delightful - I am sure you are going to have lots of fun with them!

  9. How romantic, kyaking to a deserted island with your beau!!

    Love the mixed media tags, you are so talented, Silke-


  10. Looks like a great day out! i think you should go next time!

    i love the tag, it is a little work of art, such a pretty blue.

    have a lovely tuesday Silke!
    xxx lori

  11. Silke, your photos are amazing! I love them!

  12. Little Tybee looks just like the kind of place that Bruce and I would like. I think you should go with Daniel next time.

  13. I'm glad you're planning on going kayaking with Daniel next time. I'm so impressed that little dog came along - Gizzy hates the big waters.
    Tose tags came out very nice and colorful. I love trying new things too.

    Have a great day, Silke, und auf Wiedersehen!
    Doris :-)

  14. OOOoooooo photo #5 of the driftwood is devine. Perfect balance. Swoonalicious. You are going next time?!?! One brave, adventurous woman you are! I like that! Love your tag. Maybe you should start a tag exchange! **blows kisses** Deb

  15. Beautiful One, I had to come back, for I just read your comment on Bella's blog about the lump in your throat when viewing her art, and I completely understand! She disguises genius in the form of sweetness, but there is so much more there. **kisses** Deb

  16. Hi Silke, hope you are well! What lovely painted tags you've created. They are truly little pieces of art. :) Can't wait to see the other items you created and thanks for showing these wonderful photos from Daniel's trip. :)
    xoxo Theresa

  17. love the tags silke! what size did you find? i found some on etsy but they seem small to me.

    stop by tomorrow for my necklace giveaway. it's a beauty!



  18. Beautiful pictures Silke!
    love your tags too.

  19. Woah..fabulous sceneries..lovely!! I love the trees/driftwood. And gorgeous Tag..yay congrats your first one..and abeauty it is!! Wonderful work!! YOu are the Creatrix!

  20. Silke, your photo's and art always brighten my day so much. I just dream at the beautiful places you both visit. It is enough that I see you so happy. I feel apart of your adventures.
    Love the tag mixed media art. Isn't blue and gold just fabulous!
    So lovely to hear from you!
    :D Hugs!