Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pathways - A Painting

Molding paste and acrylic paint on 8 x 10 gallery wrapped canvas.

Yesterday, I put together a set of all my women portraits on flickr (click here if you want to see them) and when I looked at them all in one place, I realized that that is what I am to paint at the moment.

I don't know who they are or what they symbolize, except that I cannot get enough of painting them. For now. I also think that's why their faces flow so easily from my brush - they are waiting to be expressed. I don't sketch, I don't plan, I simply go with the inspiration and suddenly there they are, looking out at me.

So, I hope you aren't tired of my women yet as there are more to come...

Tomorrow, I've got some other fun things to show you, so stay tuned! And, as always, thank you so much for your always encouraging comments - I appreciate you all more than you know!


  1. Love the texture in this one!!

    They all look fabulous grouped together like that on Flickr.
    Just look at all the hard work you've done, they look wonderful!!

    Micki x

  2. Wow, Silke!
    This lady painting is truly stunning. I also love how you have grouped together all your women pictures on Flickr. It's good to see your work like that, as if you are viewing an art gallery.
    Have a great week.

  3. Hi Silke! I particularly like this piece - I love the colors and the texture. Very wonderful work!!! I am going to check out your flickr page! :) Theresa

  4. She is amazingly beautiful Silke. Off to check out the others.

  5. Oh my gosh...seeing them all together is like looking at life itself. All different, yet all as one. They symbolize strength and unity and love and compassion. Their eyes mesmerize. I love them Silke. Just awesome!

  6. I had checked out your women on Flicker and it was impressive to see them all together. There is a flow of style, and venthough you are painting *women*, each is unique and certain ones call out in different ways. A distincy quality about them!
    Paint my dear!
    And I will be lucky to find studio time today, but got a new box of old Pharmacy ephemera yesterday, so I may be sorting paper bits! :)


  7. Hi Silke..she is beautiful and carries such energy and spirit..fabulous job! Looking forward to seeing more of your creations! me too..I paint in the same way..!
    Lovely post!

  8. Beautiful Silke! I'll never tire of anything you create! I love how it comes from deep inside you and it helps bring us all closer together♥ That's the great thing about art!!

  9. Okay, this is going to be quick since I am on my way out.

    THIS is my favorite. For one thing - BLUE. I love this and you.


  10. I love your women paintings, not only are they lovely but I know you get so much joy doing them. So I'll never get tired of looking at them on your blog keep painting and posting away!!!

  11. Been away for a few days so I'm playing catch up. Great creations in this and your previous posts. Experimentation and beauty. And you both look very relaxed and how great that must be to live on the island.

  12. OoooOOooooo I love this one Silke, she is beautiful.
    I also enjoyed seeing all of your ladies together in one place. Awesome. That was a a great idea to do that.
    It is nice to see your progressions.
    Love and hugs dear one!

  13. I love this painting! Hope you post it on etsy so I can buy it! :)

  14. I always live your painting Silke. They all have their own personalitites. I don't get tired of seeing your talent. I need to start painting again but time doesn't permit. I'm like you in that what I paint mostly are women. Have a great rest of the week, in case I don't get by.

  15. Just beautiful, love the texture!

  16. Tire of seeing beautiful women? NEVER! This one is not related to the others...and I LIKE her!
    **blows kisses** Deb

  17. Silke, please go on, they are wonderfull,and this one, so very much ,too. I love the texture you created, also.
    Love and hugs, friend,

  18. Oh WOW, that's so COOL seeing all your women together like that! You are painting an army of women, which is just fine by me. Can never have too many, I say. This woman is oustanding! I love the limited colors you used on her. Quite patriotic. Her beauty shines!

    I'm so impressed that you just let the paint flow without any sketching or forethought. Wow!

  19. Silke, tolle Farben. Weiterhin viel Spaß beim Malen und laß uns weiterhin teilhaben. Danke. Inge

  20. I don't think I could ever tire of them! They are fantastic.

  21. Dearest Silke,

    I love your women....I love how you just sit down and the inspiration comes out through your paints. All of your women are beautiful and different....maybe they are all the dimensions of your soul???!!!

    i love them and i always enjoy seeing your fabulous creations!!!

    sending big hugs and love,

  22. You are like me... I can't stop painting my girls either... It is just what we do.

    So nice to see them all together too. x

  23. Hi Silke, I like very much this woman, I like the selections of colors and the textures...Perhaps you draw so many women because they are a reflection of your feelings or thoughts, I like them, keep on doing it!

  24. Hi beautiful! I love all of your ladies! I am hooked on my AngelEyes girls, and can´t stop making them. Have a creative and joyful day. Love, Annika :)

  25. Hi Silke, it's so nice to see all your art on one page. All the strong caring women you have painted. Loving the textures you're creating, like watching a play and not knowing the outcome, just enjoying the ride. Thank you for sharing your art Silke!
    Thank you for all your caring messages!
    :D Huge smile!


  26. Thank you all so much for your sweet and always encouraging comments!! Your support lifts me up every day... Love, Silke

  27. If they are just waiting to be expressed - then paint them!!! Let it flow. They are beautiful.

  28. Love how you capture mystery and serenity in one beautiful crafted piece of art.

  29. do what you love Silke
    you're women are beautiful
    I especially like the ones where I see the backgrounds thru them - it's like I'm seeing their thoughts