Thursday, April 15, 2010

A New Tag & A Postcard

I'm having so much fun painting these tags. Someone asked about their size - they are 2.625 x 5.25 inches, a good size to work with.

I love the colors on this one and the snippet from a poem. Months ago, I found a little old book of poetry at a thrift store. The book was in very poor shape, so I don't feel bad using it in my art (I'm funny about books and don't like to harm them in any way).
Here's the back of the tag. There's something so soothing and at the same time energizing about this blue.
I've been playing some more with molding paste, and here I applied it and then stamped a foam stamp into the wet paste - great texture!! And I love those colors!
Can you tell I'm having fun experimenting a little?

Wishing you all a beautiful day!


  1. Loving your experiments, Silke! These look like so much fun!

  2. Yes, I was thinking that you are having fun - that's great! I'm glad you're finding joy in experienting with your art. It's wonderful!

    Have a great day, Silke :-)

  3. You are having so much fun and creating beautiful art! What a life you are having.

    In the meantime I just left a comment at Bella's blog and told her I was awakened by a Totoro fart and now have to get ready for work.

    I am dizzy.

    Good morning!


  4. Love the tags Silke! Half the joy is in the experimenting..... :) ....without discipline!
    I absolutely MUST make myself run to the bank today, so maybe I can find some have my curiosity up! (which translates to: if I get no real work done, I can point the finger to you! LOL!!!!)
    Have a good time!


  5. heart of a wildflower! i do the same with books, like you, only damaged ones. so much fun you are having, and yes the colors are so beautiful.
    have a lovely thursday silke!

  6. OOOooo LARGE tags! Now you have made me long to get out my scrapbooking supplies once again, which is a very good thing. I love old books used in art this way. Have you seen Vanessa's dancer paintings where she makes the skirts three dimensional with crumpled old dictionaries? Swoonalicious! Happy painting! **kisskiss** Deb

  7. Silke, I love to see more of your experiments. Wonderful colors. Have a nice day, Inge

  8. so lovely! i would use them as bookmarks so i could admire them often :D

  9. My favorite is the top one -- and those words! Her lids will lift again. Indeed.

    Maybe we need to change the postcard exchange to an ATC exchange... something to think about. Hope you are having a great afternoon! I am at the library and then home to take a nap.

  10. Just catching up on your posts, Silke. It's lovely to see you experimenting with your creativity. Always inspiring. xx

  11. I love that texture. Great job Silke. I think though that you are going to hooked on "tags" and then we won't see your paintings as often? No matter, everything you do is awesome. Take care.

  12. It looks like fun what you are doing with the tags, especially when you use the old book pages. I love using words in my art work.

  13. Hi Silke! (Are you german?)

    Your Art is fantastic! I consider myself also an artist, I just haven't found my "outlet" yet, except for my photography of course.
    Thank you for stopping by at my blog!

    I love your critters!

  14. blue! BLUE! oh the blues!

    i get ideas from you, silke. tonight i'm going from favorite cookbooks to phrases from old books and where they may end up if i use my thinking cap.

    a year of creativity split open and bursting forth: that is you, silke. savor and linger--how special does it get?


  15. Wow, look at these tags! Love the bit of poetry you stuck in there. What a great idea! This reminds me...I must get some tags, too. But they are for a garage sale. If I used your tags, they'd be worth more than the things I'm selling!

  16. How fitting that you included poetry in your first tag, seeing as though it's National Poetry Month! I love all the tags you've created, Silke. Very nice. :)