Friday, June 5, 2009

Blossoms and more...

One of the South's most beautiful trees is the stately Southern magnolia with evergreen leaves, bright red seedpods, and dinner-plate-sized flowers that have a heavenly citrus scent. We don't have one in our yard, but can admire them in our neighbors' gardens and pretty much everywhere else we look.

Last night, I just had to snap a picture of our castor beans in bloom. Do you remember the silly little video I shot of our castor beans germinating? Well, this is one of those tiny plants and I'd say it is doing well!

Above the delicate flowers of the butterfly gaura against the silvery leaves of our artemesia. So pretty!

Our oleander is just about to break out into full bloom and I can't wait to see it in its bright, colorful glory! My aunt gave us this gorgeous bush two years ago when it was about knee high. It is now at least 6 ft in height and growing steadily!

We discovered these dramatic red flowers growing up a mail box in one of the neighborhoods surrounding us when we were walking with Winslow.

Now, here's a weird flower... Actually, I am now moving on to something funky for Funky Friday, which my friend Beth started. It constantly has me on the lookout for funky finds, and I am amazed at how many I see around our own house... Above is an example of a strange mushroom growing around trees in the backyard. Does anyone know what it is?

The other night I was lowering the blinds when I spotted this little frog clinging to our window. It had been raining and the frogs were singing!

Now, look what I got from the wonderful Mary at The Fresh Notes (make sure to visit her lovely blog):

I definitely want to pass this on, and because I think your are ALL most lovely, please copy this to your blog if you wish to spread the joy. Otherwise just enjoy looking at it here and know that your blogs inspire me every day!


  1. Love all those flowers!! Just lovely!! And I am thrilled about the little frog - is that a spring peeper? I used to read about the tree frogs that sing in springtime and was always so disappointed that they did not dwell in our area. Loved this post!
    (I know, everyone is going to think I am a little strange, and you know what - they are right! LOL)

  2. Love all those pretty vibrant of my faves are peonies...but magnolia's come in a close second. We have lots of magnolia trees up here in Canada...but the blossoms don't last very long, which is such a shame.
    Have a wonderful day sweet lady!

  3. Wow, such beautiful pictures & the little frog - so sweet, we just seem to have snails climb up our windows!!

    Best wishes to you xx

  4. What an amazing landscape you live in! We have a few of those things in our area, but magnolias don't really like it here. They're gorgeous, almost unreal looking!

  5. Hi Renate (stregata), yes, this little frog is a spring peeper and for their small size they have an amazingly loud voice. Aren't they adorable?

    Hi Char, thanks for the comment on the flowers! I LOVE peonies (my favorites), but they don't grow well here.

    Hi Sara (theothermousie), we have lots of critters here, but no snails and our plants thank us for it! I'd prefer frogs anyway - they don't leave a trail...

    Wishing you all a wonderful day! :) Silke

  6. Hi AccidentalHW, I've never lived anywhere where these magnolias have grown and I am still stunned by them every time I see them. :) Silke

  7. My mother-in-law gave us a Magnolia bush several years ago. It's flowers are purple with some creamy white. I love it, though, I have always dreamed of having a Magnolia tree in my front yard.

    I love the frog photo. He's so cute!!

  8. Wunderbar! Your photos are enchanting. I do so wish my garden could produce such wonders. The English climate is just not geared up for such miracles. Mind you, my garden isn't bad; I am opening it for Charity the last weekend in June and I'm working very hard to get it into shape.
    Have you come across any other German bloggers?

  9. You know how I feel about magnolias!!

  10. Hi Annette,
    I think the Magnolia you are referring to is like the ones I grew up with - an Asian kind. The Southern magnolia looks completely different from those and quite huge. I'd love to have one of your Magnolias in our yard. They do well here, except that sometimes we get a frost and the flowers will freeze before they open. They are gorgeous, though!

    Hi Friko,
    I am sure your garden is gorgeous! Those English cottage gardens pretty much set the standard for flower gardens, don't they? I hope you'll post some pictures! I have come across some other German bloggers - you can click on their links in my blog list: Put a Little Magic in Your Life, Blasse Vielfalt, and Angela Recada are the ones that come to mind right now.

    :) Silke

  11. Yes, Mary, I was actually thinking of how you love magnolias when I posted this picture...:) Silke

  12. Love the frog photo, he looks like he wanted to come inside! Frogs singing, I've never heard it described like that before, I like it.

  13. Love your photos. Those castor beans are something! Gorgeous! That frog is way too cute :)

  14. Hello Silke, I am a little late reading your blog. I love all the flowers you have in your garden, they are so pretty and colourful, the frog is very original, I miss that beautifull of nature, here in Murcia there are few plants, and is desapearing most of it, its a pity. But I like to plant some in my house. Kisses.