Thursday, June 18, 2009

Garden and More!

Lately, we've had a good number of storms and rainy afternoons, evenings and nights. In fact, this morning it is raining as I write this. With all the trees in our yard (10 big trees in a tiny backyard), I am always a little nervous when it gets really windy. The other night, we heard a big crash and when we looked the next morning, a huge branch had fallen down.

We both couldn't believe that it fell between the bird bath and the flower box without damaging anything. Nothing looked like it had been touched. Isn't that amazing? We both like the branch and where it fell, so we are going to leave it there.
I love the flowers, the trees, the veggies, the birds and everything else in our yard, but what I get most excited about are toads, frogs, snakes and lizards. I've shown pictures before of the toads and frogs. Here's a little snake Daniel found one day. It's a harmless, but pretty little snake that was living in one of our flower beds.
These we see fairly regularly. They are glass lizards - lizards without legs. The difference between them and snakes (I think) is that they have eye lids and little ear openings. In any case, I think they are beautiful!

In our three years here, I've only seen one poisonous snake when I was walking out by the YMCA - and someone had to point it out to me. It was a gorgeous copperhead peacefully sunning itself well off the path. I went to get a good look and was really sorry I didn't have my camera with me. What a stunning creature! Do you ever find unusual wildlife in your yard?

Before I get back to my art, I want to put in a shameless plug for my dear friend and wonderful sister-in-law, Patti's, new website. Patti has been a gifted vedic astrologer (you can read more about that on her website) for over ten years. She has a highly analytical mind (for many years, she was a very successful software engineer), while being extremely intuitive and insightful at the same time. She has done readings for both Daniel and me and all I can say is WOW! If you or anyone else is ever in need of gentle yet powerful guidance, she might be just what you are looking for. Her business is called Lightspirited Being and that's exactly what she is!

Well, it's still raining and I am heading up to my studio to work on my art. I finished my aunt's painting yesterday and will send it off today. I am so pleased with it!! As soon as she has received it, I will post a picture on the blog! Tomorrow, I should have more art to show you...


  1. What lovely garden photos...that branch fell perfectly.
    The little snake and the glass lizard are so pretty. We have rabbits,chipmunks,deer and fat,bossy squirrels..the usual suspects, as well as alot of crows. Occasionally we get wild turkeys. One morning I looked out and my front lawn was full of them; they're bigger than you expect, so the effect was very startling!
    It's raining here too. Perhaps I will join you in a studio day...:^)

  2. I have always wanted to see a glass lizard, so unusual. We once came across a Rubber Boa snake preparing to give birth, pretty neat. I was even able to film it and the grandson saw it as well.

    You sure do get a lot of rain over there, I don't much care for the wind either. Anyone of the trees in our yard could crush our house... fingers crossed.

    Have a great day Silke!

  3. those snakes gave me the heebee jeebees!

    I can't think of a more wonderful day that painting while it peacefully rains outside!

  4. The weather is just going haywire and I fear we will have to get used to it. Love the creatures you find in the garden. We also have toads, but also voles (eat the roots of my plants) and cute little hedgehogs, a pheasant during the winter and then, of course, the cats. My neighbours sometimes have hares and deer - glad they don't come in my garden - they eat the rose buds!

  5. My back yard is pretty tame compared to yours. We get raccoons an opossums but they only come out at night. I don't know what I would do with all those other creatures in my yard, I guess get use to them.

  6. Hi everyone! I just love your comments!! :)

    Kelly - I think it's great you get wild turkeys in your yard - we used to see them in Michigan occasionally!

    Mr. H. - how great that you got to see (and film) a boa giving birth. I'd love to see something like that! We once saw a snake out in our yard that had just eaten something - it looked slightly deformed - but that's been the extent of the excitement. Our trees, too, could easily (and severely) damage our house! You are right - fingers crossed!

    Mary - our rain has stopped and turned to steam (you know how it is in the south) and I have yet to make it to my studio... :)

    Renate (Stregata) - I so miss the hedgehogs and even the pheasants. My dad has lots of those in his yard in Germany!

    Lorrie (lilylovekin) - We also get the raccoons and opossums and I love watching them. One time Winslow found an opossum, which immediately played dead - so convincingly that I thought he had killed it. A few minutes later it got up and climbed over the fence...

    You all have a great day!! :) Silke

  7. Your garden is so cute! But ugh...snakes...*shivers* Im happy that I dont run into them often *knock on wood*

  8. OH what a little cutie and amazing!!!!!"the branch" I also have been meaning to write that the new image of you on your profile is such a pretty picture !! b

  9. Loved your photos and that branch...amazing! As far as unusual wildlife, I looked out on our deck last night after dinner and two fox kits were there having the time of their lives! They were chasing the chipmunks and squirrels and in between they played like puppies! They were so darn cute! Once I saw an otter in the lake but only once! I just love your backyard photos! Thanks for sharing! xo

  10. Love the critters! It is great that you live where you see such cool wildlife.

  11. You've some wonderful creatures coming out during wet weather... the only wet weather ones I see here are worms.
    Great photos, and it's amazing about the branch not damaging anything... I like it there too and would've done the same thing. Thanks for sharing, Silke!

  12. Blessings abound!! I will check out her site in a bit! Great day to you dear friend!

  13. Okay, I am scared of those are way brave. I am dancing in my chair just thinking about them.

  14. Uuuuuugh! I was delighted with the fallen branch then I alsmost passed out with the snake and lizard. No thank you. I and the Class Reptilia do not like one another. However, I am glad that someone like you loves them. They are the reason why we hire gardeners to tend our itty bitty yard. I am afraid of snakes and lizards!

  15. Oh Silke, see those snakes and lizards made me forget to thank you for your comforting comments on mt blog for Bella and quite sadly (and hopefully I will be over it soon) for me.