Sunday, June 21, 2009

Illustration Friday - Drifting

As she was being photographed by the man she loved, she found her mind drifting and caught a glimpse of a happy future together.

Yesterday, I was looking through some old photographs and came across these two of my grandmother - as a young woman and then on her wedding day with my grandfather. I did an image transfer with the wedding photo to make it a little less prominent.

For the dark blue background, I took her engagement dress, which I am lucky enough to have here, made of dark blue lace, and scanned a section of it. The pink square under the photo in the foreground, is a scan of lace she crocheted herself - so pretty!

And because it really made me think about her, her life and the impact she had on me, I will tell you all more about her and show you some more old photos in a later post!

I hope you are all having a marvelous Sunday and to all you dad's out there: Happy Father's Day!


  1. that is really sweet, how wonderful that you have her fabrics to scan and work with!

  2. It is so nice you have such a connection to your grandparents. It is good to know where one came from. To have her wedding dress that is pretty neat. It must be very special to you.

  3. Hi Silke! I like very much the photo of your grandmother, the one she is with that look in her face, as you've said, she must be thinking about her future with him. I love the composition.
    Thanks for your greeting in my blog.

  4. Hi Silke....Family is the greatest gift ever...and I love that you are creating pieces as inspired by the loved ones in your life....thanks for the sweet comment about our son Cole...he is truly a gift to us!!


  5. Silke, I love how you are combining the textiles with the photos and pulling it together! Great work! Love it!

  6. Silke, you are such a sweetheart! What a wonderful family you have!

  7. Hi Silke!
    It's so truly wonderful that you have these items from your Oma and have used them so creatively in this piece! You are very fortunate to have old photos and fabrics that were hers.
    My Oma and her children lost almost everything when the family home was destroyed by a bomb and they were evacuated to a distant part of Germany. As refugees, my mother and her family had only the clothes on their backs for months. When they were allowed to return home, they had to scour the neighborhood to reclaim the few pieces of furniture that had survived the bombs, but had been looted and claimed by neighbors while they were away.

    I can see you really treasure these pieces of the past that connect you to your family. I think that's wonderful!
    Alles, alles Gute,

  8. Raina said...
    What a wonderful tribute to your Omie:-) I do like the straight lines and the colors in this collage. It all fits perfectly.

  9. Hi all! Thanks for your wonderfully supportive comments! I loved making this little collage!

    Angela, you know the same thing happened on my mother's side of the family (this collage was of my paternal Oma). I have a little book of days my mother's mother kept, which has the date and time of when their house was bombed and destroyed. The family was completely split up for many months (all four girls with different relatives), their mother trying to figure out what to do and their father a prisoner of war in Russia. Consequently, I don't have much from my mother's parents and feel lucky I have a few things from my dad's side of the family.

    I do love old photos and stories and am happy you all like what I did here!

    :) Silke

  10. Really nice collage-- great colors!