Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Mishmash

This morning, I have a few things to share with you that make me super happy these days ... and one question. But we'll get to that later...

Last week, I bought a beautiful crocheted necklace from my friend Deb and I just love it! It's different from what I usually wear and just what I needed for the spring and summer. Deb's blog is wonderful (The Wug's Backyard Blogspot) and well worth visiting. There you can also find a link to her Etsy shop. Her work is great! 
Now, let me introduce you to my new favorite dessert. Some time ago, my friend Vicki (her blog is 2 Bags Full) and her wonderful husband came through Savannah and we had a fun lunch together. They brought us a bottle of this amazing chocolate balsamic vinegar. I've been eating it drizzled on sliced strawberries - absolutely delicious!! I can't get enough of it! Make sure you visit her blog - she is giving away one of her incredible nests. I own two already and I'm hoping I'll win a third...
Ok, here is my question for you yarn people out there. I am almost done with my soft and cozy blanket and am wondering about two things.

I'd like to wash and block it. The yarn says it's machine washable, but I'll wash it by hand in cold water. I'm nervous about all the colors together. Do any of you have any advice on that first washing?

Also, the yarn I used is a super soft, mercerized cotton and somewhat slippery. Do you have any tricks on how to keep the ends that I worked into the blanket from slipping out and showing?

Thank you!!
And last, but not least, last night as I was checking my e-mail one last time, I saw that Fiona had sold. Such a great surprise. I'm always so pleased when my art sells and still somewhat stunned - I guess that comes with being a new artist. Fiona decided to go live in New York! Happy dance, happy dance!!
In my next post, I'll share the Orange Salmon and Asparagus recipe with you.

And for today, I wish you a beautiful day. We are expecting rain and looking forward to it. Our garden needs it!

I'm off to package up the painting (yeah!) and run a bunch of errands. It's that kind of day... I'm sure I'll enjoy it.


  1. Okay, I have found that the ones saying machine washable really ARE; just do a gentle wash. There are two options for color retention; *Retayne* is used in the dying community to hold color, and also used with a professional textile detergent, which suspends loose dye in the water.
    Rit puts out a cloth you can put in the wash (I think it's Rit) called "Color Magnet" or something like that. I think it works on the same principle.
    As to keeping ends in, when you find out, please let ME know! :-)
    I always have troubles in that area.....
    Beautiful photos, as always!


  2. Can't help you with the blanket question, but I am so pleased for you that Fiona is going to move to New York :-)
    Never tried chocolate balsamico before, but I can imagine it must be utterly delicious.
    That picture of you at the beginning of your post - Silke, you have the most wonderful skin, kind smile and beautiful eyes!
    (I can say all that to you without your husband having to be jealous, he he)

  3. Congratulatiins - I'm sure Fiona will love NY.

  4. First things first.....Congratulations on your sale!! :-] It's so nice when someone shows appreciation enough for what you do to actually BUY IT! :-)) (That includes your buying my crochet necklace too, by the way...THANKS! ^_^)...Secondly, my trick for ends of yarn is to sew your end into the base of a row of stitches...a long strand. So that if it pops up a little after washing you can just clip it off without worrying...Now, about the color bleeding. I make sure when I'm buying yarn that its pre-washed or color safe. That way it doesn't matter what colors are next to each other. I only worry about stretching if I use the wrong temperature water...Go with cool or cold...I have blankets I've washed in the washing machine, on the delicate cycle, numerous times...and they're still like brand new! But I don't dry them in the washing machine. I either hang them up or lay them out somewhere...And lastly,I love balsamic vinegar, but chocolate balsamic vinegar? I'm intrigued!! ^_^

  5. oh what a fun post!!! you look fabulous!!!! I love all the photos.....and Congrats on the sale of that amazing painting!!!! how super cool that she is going to be in the big apple!!!!

  6. Hi Silke.
    Congratulations on your sale of Fiona!! Your blanket is very pretty ~ I hope it all works out once you wash it.
    Vicki is the greatest, isn't she? I have one of her nests and I love it. How wonderful that you got together and had lunch.
    The chocolate balsamic vinegar sounds SO good. I must try it.
    The hilight of this post, Silke, is the gorgeous photo of you!!!! It is absolutely lovely ~ you have the most beautiful smile.
    After all the heat and beauty we've been having for weeks, it is finally raining today. We needed it.
    Have a good day, Silke.
    ♥ audrey

  7. Hi Silke-
    Huge congrats on selling your beautiful painting. Wherever she goes to live-- she will be loved! Your new necklace is beautiful and you look gorgeous in that photo. Deb is so talented- she is amazing at her crafts.

    Thank you for sharing my giveaway-- I do love the strawberry picture-- yum!! We simply love the stuff.!

    I totally agree with Deb on the yarn issues- I see my ends in place--

  8. Congratulations on your Sale. It is very exciting when you sell something! That necklace looks great on you with your matching blouse. I don't wear jewelry much anymore, but something like that would feel comfortable and definitely would not cause stains on your neck LOL I love Balsamic on my strawberries, never had the chocolate version, but it sounds exquisite. I just got another flat of berries from the field because the season is drawing to an end and then I have blueberries to look forward to. I just love summer fruit! I wish I could give you any advise on your blanket because I never block big blankets, but then I've never made one out of cotton yarn either, but if it were mine, I'd just wash it in cold water with Woolite and dry it in the dryer till it's almost dry (still a bit moist to the touch) and then lay it flat on my bed, all stretched out nice on some absorbent towels and let it dry the rest of the could even roll it in a roll between the big towels, if you use several big beach towels, which you probably have and then you know it's going to stay in place. Just a suggestion!

  9. Liebe Silke,
    erst einmal herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Verkauf von "Fiona". Die neue Besitzerin oder der neue Besitzer wird sich bestimmt sehr an ihr erfreuen. Deine Kette sieht wunderschön aus. Sie passt super zu deinem Outfit.
    Ich hätte mir fast denken können, dass der eyeshadow von Ikos dir gefällt. Schau mal auf diese Seite

    Ich wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende.
    LG Sabine

  10. You look FABULOUS!!! Sorry, I would comment about all the other beautiful and exciting things in the post, but YOU outshine them all. **blows kisses** Deb