Wednesday, April 4, 2012

And Wednesday again...

I still cannot believe that I thought yesterday was Wednesday for half the day! 

But then again, I can. I've had a few strange days as I am trying to find my new routine. Now that I'm not taking a class, my days are wide open, which means I have to schedule how I spend my time and I'm not sure yet what the best schedule might be.
On Monday, I started out by having to go into town to run some errands and then didn't do much creatively after that. Yesterday, I started with paperwork and got involved with that for several hours. And again didn't do much creatively. Partly because my studio is upstairs and we've been having record heat and it gets pretty warm up there in the afternoons.
So, today I went straight to my studio and worked (or played, depending on how you look at it) for four hours! I came up with rough sketches for three paintings, one on a paper-collaged canvas (a recycled painting), one on molding paste into which I stamped a pattern, and the third on plain canvas.

I also worked on a few more felted hearts. I'm trying to get a number of them ready for my shop, which has been difficult. I find that I just want to give them away to everyone... (could there be a future giveaway?!? Hint, hint!). I do love getting to use all my beads again that have been stored away for some time. It might even be an excuse to visit the bead shop. What do you think?

Tomorrow, I am hoping to start my day out in the studio again and maybe I'll have some paintings-in-progress to show you. In the meantime, remember to enter my giveaway (just click on the photo in my sidebar)!!


  1. Il est bon de sentir parfois que les journées sont plus longues que d'ordinaire n'est-ce pas?... profitez-en ...
    J'aime regarder vos croquis.
    Gros bisous

  2. OMG!!!
    Blogger gave me a comment box! The world is coming to an end!!! ;-D
    I've had a hard time focusing lately; too many things that *need* doing and then a project that is giving me a few difficulties, swirling around in the brain.
    So I just go knit....LOL! Any excuse, you know.
    Love the hearts; I've yet to get more done. Just hats.
    Have a GOOD CREATIVE DAY, whatever day it is.


  3. Deine Herzen sind dehr sehr hübsch und ich mag deine Pinterest Seite sehr. Ich hab schon vor 2 Wochen versucht mich einzuschreiben, aber ich hab leider keine Antwort bekommen.
    Ich weis nicht ob ich das richtig verstanden habe. Muss man von einer dritten Person eingeladen werden?
    Wenn das so ist, kannst du mich einladen?
    Liebe Grüße und ein schönes Osterfest für dich und Danile.

  4. Ok, I just have to say I love this!! The first comment in French (merci beaucoup, Martine Alison), the second in English (thank you, Anne) and the third in German (Vielen Dank, Janine).

    Do we have a great community here or what?!? ♥♥♥ Silke

    P.S. Janine, I sent you a Pinterest invite...

  5. Having too much to do right now seems to be a common theme. Must be the time of year! And I have been screwed up with my days too!! For half of yesterday I thought it was Monday. The other half I thought it was Wednesday!! Sheesh! Do I have something against Tuesday?! Today I have to keep asking is it Wednesday or Thursday?!?!? Help!!
    Your sketches look wonderful! I'm excited to see the paintings! And I LOVE those felt hearts. If you ever put any in your shop I just may have to buy one!

  6. Das Herz ist wunderschön!

  7. Liebe Silke,

    herzliche Grüße