Thursday, April 12, 2012


This is going to be one of those posts with a bunch of things that just make me extra special happy these days! 

First up is my granny stripe blanket in progress (and almost done!). I got the inspiration and pattern here at Attic24, a wonderfully colorful and crafty blog! It has been one of those calming and steady projects. I love it!! And will start another blanket as soon as this one is done...
More hearts in progress and a couple of them finished. 
They've been added to my Etsy shop. And there are more in the works - they are time-consuming to make, but I am enjoying every minute of it!!
Our garden has been exploding with all the sunshine and warmth we've had. The pomegranate is blooming and beyond beautiful! Stunning, really!
Our fig tree is loaded with tiny figs. I'm already starting to collect recipes - starting at They Draw and Cook, the most fun database for delicious cooking and baking!! If you haven't been there yet, I highly recommend you check it out!
Our little blueberry bushes are already sporting gorgeous berries! Maybe there will be enough for a pie this year? But I'm happy to just have them to add to our delicious homemade muesli (the recipe is here).
In the kitchen, I loved last night's dinner of salmon and asparagus with an orange sauce. We used to make it all the time and when I was looking for a recipe the other day, I came across this one. I might have to share it with you if you are interested - it's easy and fast!
This little cup of espresso with cream made me extra, extra happy yesterday. The little cup was a wedding present - many years ago - from wonderful family friends (actually, it's a whole espresso set), the tiny spoon my mom and I bought when we were in Istanbul many many years ago (I was in my teens) visiting my aunt and her family, who lived there.
The colorful trivet was a gift last year from Daniel's oldest sister who also visited Istanbul last year. Isn't it pretty? Colorful things just make me happy!

And yesterday my blog was featured here at Pocket Change, which is a really fun website with great info on lots of topics - crafts, home decor, fashion, pets - something for everyone. Go on over and have a look!!

Oh, and I almost forgot - through my blog friend Scriptor Senex, I discovered Postcrossing, where you send and receive postcards to and from every part of the world. You simply sign up, request an address and get started. My first postcard is going to Germany and my second to Russia. Fun!!

Now I am getting ready for another good day and hope yours will be as well!! Maybe I'll even make it into my studio...


  1. It's so nice to see all the color popping out in your garden! And it looks like you're having good weather too!...I 'feel you' about the hearts being time consuming. So are my little flowers with the crocheted backs and sewn on buttons! So time pretty (like your hearts)...and so under-ppriced for what I 'want' to charge for them! ^_^ Anyway!...Have a good day, Silke!

  2. Liebe Silke,

    von meinem Besuch bei dir,
    lasse ich dir sonnige Grüße hier.


  3. Love all the colour in your post and that meal you had looks wonderful, I love oranges and salmon together....yummy!!

  4. Love this post and you've got some great links--I forgot about the cooking and drawing site and the postcard site looks fun too!!

  5. I love color too. It's so happy, like your trivet. Must go check out all your links. **happy smiles** Deb

  6. Fresh blueberries from your own garden in your muesli - how cool is that! And your blog being featured is so well deserved.

  7. Lovely post Silke!! The hearts are wonderful!! So precious!! xo

  8. This is such a fun post, Silke. I LOVE the blanket! SO much color! Color makes me happy, too. The pomegranate flowers are gorgeous!! You should paint one. Postcrossing is fun ~ I belong and have been sending and receiving postcards from all around the world off and on for about one year now. You will enjoy it!!
    ♥ audrey

  9. "salmon and asparagus with an orange sauce" Oh yes, definitely want the recipe on your blog please!

    I loove the expression 'hodgepodge'. I mkust use it for one of m,y rambling posts one day. (And thanks for the mention - we must have been thinking of each other at the same time as I featured you!).

  10. the blanket and the hearts are fantastic, silke. four star. how do you do so much?

    what did you do before you did all this? before you began to paint? to knit? to draw? to sew? to knit? :^)

    do you know i love your city?


  11. Diese Blüten sind ein Traum und deine Filzherzen machen sich sehr gut an dem Baum.
    Schönes Wochenende