Friday, April 13, 2012

Miriam ~ Finished Pastel

Let me introduce you to Miriam. She was the soother of my soul yesterday. I had a bizarre day, where I had been feeling quite anxious. At first I was puzzled as to why, but then I noticed that it was very windy and relatively cold outside. I often feel more anxious when it's really dry and windy.
When that happens and I have time, I do something creative, which seems to activate a much calmer part of my brain. I had been wanting to get my pastels out again because I just love the tactile nature of using them (not to mention how wonderfully messy they are...).

After a few hours and a couple of revisions, Miriam came into being and one look into her eyes lets me know that all is very well indeed! No reason to feel anxious at all...
5 x 7 inch pastel painting on clay board

Available here in my Etsy shop.

I am linking to this week's Illustration Friday exhibit (theme: puzzled) and also to the wonderful folks over at Paint Party Friday! Head on over there for much more art to enjoy.

Happy Friday to all of you!!

P.S. I was very kindly made aware yesterday that it might be a good idea to protect my photos with a watermark, which I have so far been a bit too lazy to do. But with more and more photo sharing websites popping up, it's probably a very good idea. So, please bear with me as I figure this out and come up with one that works well and is easy to implement...