Monday, May 30, 2011

What I learned in drawing class...

1. You are never too old to learn something new!

2. You may be too old to sit on the ground drawing for longer than two hours...
3. A cheap cardboard portfolio comes in handy as a "cushion" when you do have to sit on the ground drawing for longer than two hours. 

4. Everyone has their own style.
5. Pencil drawings can be quite exquisite!

6. A good pencil sharpener is a MUST.
7. As is a fantastic eraser ... or two!

8. Never be attached to your artwork if you are planning to learn all you can learn.
9. Be willing to start over completely even the day before the assignment is due if it's just not working.

10. Taking a class out of your comfort zone is much less scary and more fun than you might think.
14 x 20 inches (24 by 30 inches matted)
pencil drawing on drawing paper
11. I will never look at buttons the same way again...

12. Drawing definitely takes patience ... lots of patience ... 

13. (because 13 is my favorite number)  and it is definitely addictive! Next class coming up in a month from now... 


  1. So glad you took this class Silke! And your work is just lovely!

    Love, C

  2. It was interesting watching you go through this class, this last drawing is great-you've come along. What will you be taking next?

  3. Oooh! You can push my buttons any time! This is really wonderful. And your contour drawing turned out great as well! So glad to hear you're taking another class. Such fun!

  4. This Is Wonderful Silke! Truly Wonderful! I Too Will Never Look At Buttons The Same Way Again. Well Done! Well Done!

  5. You know, I disagree with the attachment statement. I won't be able to draw or paint if I cannot relate personally, spiritually or emotionally to my drawings or paintings. I don't necessarily keep them. I give them away but I have to relate to them and I consider that a form of attachment.

  6. Your buttons are beautiful. I want to push them. Hahahah!

  7. Aaah! Yes! I understand now. Keep on drawing. You are doing great work.

  8. Fab buttons! Well done, Silke - will look forward to seeing what you make of the next class.

  9. Absolutely awesome drawing!!!!!

  10. This drawing is fabulous, Silke. I really like it a lot!! Buttons! I would have never thought of drawing buttons. I enjoyed reading the 13 things you learned in drawing class ~ thank you for passing those thoughts on, Silke. From what I've seen, you have really done well in that class. Your drawings are really good! I would love to see this (or prints of it) in your "etsy" shop!! (:

  11. Hi Silke, I love your buttons!! I can't believe the amount of skill you have learned in such a short time. I wonder how this will change your paintings over the next year...I can't wait to see them evolve! xo

  12. Hallo, liebe Silke. Vielen Dank für deinen Besuch bei mir im Blog. Ja, was soll ich zu den Orchideen sagen. Ich habe keine besonderen Pflegetips. Immer dann, wenn sie keine Blüten haben, stelle ich sie mal nach draußen, damit sie schön abregnen können und im Winter gieße ich mit Mineralwasser und sprühe sie ab und zu damit ein wenig ab. Sie sollten sich immer schön mit Wasser vollsaugen können, aber nie im Wasser stehen. Mehr mache ich eigentlich nicht, ich dünge auch nicht. Liebe Grüße von Inge

  13. The only way to grow as an artist is to detach from your work. That way you can see what is great, good, and what is there that requires work. Otherwise one would end up in an endless cycle of the same thing over and over.
    Your progress from the beginning to the end of this course has been amazing to watch, and I anticipate your next class as you have absorbed so much both in skill and in the proper attitude of letting it go.
    Do the work, and let it go.
    You know what I mean!
    Brava Silke!