Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Potpourri from Germany

My dad and his sister recently took a trip down memory lane to the Black Forest and Alsace regions. It is the part of Germany my mother was from and where I was born.
Because we moved north when I was just two years old, I only know this gorgeous area from family visits and vacations.
But every time I visit or see photos, I am just stunned by the beauty...
and the cultural diversity,
being so close to France!
Oh, that makes me hungry!!

And yesterday, my dad sent a few photos of their garden with some familiar plants in bloom right now - stunning rhododendrons (our azaleas bloomed two months ago!!),
and beautiful peonies - we tried growing these here, but no luck!
When I visit I love sitting by the pond - it so soothing! Water always has that effect on me...
We are expecting another hot, hot day here in Savannah! Suddenly summer is here...

But luckily we have been spared the awful storms that have caused so much destruction. My heart goes out to everyone who was affected by them.

I wish everyone a calm and beautiful day! And I thank you for all your visits and comments! That means more to me than I can tell you!! Truly!


  1. Ohhh, meine Mama ist auch aus Karlsruhe. Die Gegend ist so wunder- wunderschön. Ostern waren wir früher immer in Baden-Baden, und da durfte ein Abstecher ins Elsaß natürlich nicht fehlen. Muss unbedingt mal wieder Choucroute essen:-) Danke fürs mit auf die Reise nehmen!

  2. Beautiful photos Silke~~although I have to say my favorite is PROBABLY the shot of the bakery window! (can you tell where my eye wanders FIRST???)
    What an amazing region; it must be delightful to visit and soak up all the history and charm!
    Off to another rainy day here.....hopefully *just* rain....


  3. How nice to get such comforting reminders of home. Thanks for sharing them too. :-) Have a good day...in the shade....Silke. :-]

  4. What a BEAUTIFUL place! I want to live in that first shot. Right in the middle. Thanks for sharing such beauty.

  5. We loved visiting that region! It truly is beautiful down there, a lot of it looks like the Smokey Mtns too. My aunt and four of my cousins still live there so we will always have a place to visit.
    I loved the window shot with the baked goodies, mmmmmm lecker!

  6. Wenn ich auf die schoenen Bilder von Deutschland schaue krieg ich Heimweh!

    Yes, it's beginning to feel a lot like summer .... anytime of day (it's my least favorite time of the year!!!!)

  7. Schöne Bilder vom "Black Forest", dem "Schwarzen Wald".
    LG Sabine

  8. Everything is so old and luscious in Europe, the gardens, the buildings the towns, and the food is delicious-what a wonderful place to get to visit.

  9. Oh my gosh, this is overwhelmingly fantastic. Don't you just miss that? The Alsace region have good wines too.

  10. What gorgeous photos! Thank you for sharing them. Glad you are safe and sound - we're in the middle of a little heat wave here. Thankfully, no bad storms. :) Theresa