Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Flowers & Rosemary Oil

We had a gray and rainy day today...  While I'm grateful for the rain for our yard, I was also happy I had brought some of our flowers inside to brighten the day! Our gardenias have started blooming and they smell so incredibly good!
I love this photo of Daniel and me - we took it on another dreary and rainy day in Ireland a few years ago... What a great trip that was!!
My dear friend, Amy, posted the anti-mosquito rosemary oil recipe on her blog for me and for all of you who are plagued by those pesky little bugs. I will start some oil this weekend! Click here for the recipe! Thank you so much, Amy! If this works, you will have made my summer so much more bearable...

I hope you all had and still have a beautiful Friday!


  1. I see why you like the photo of you and Daniel, sitting next to the blue flowers it brings out the blue of your eyes-very nice. Have a good week-end.

  2. Lovely flowers, Silke. Our Gardenias and Hydrangeas are just barely starting to come out...

    I would like to tray that repellent one day, but may have to wait till I can get a hold of some fresh Rosemary! Now that I have a car, I could drive and buy a plant for my porch.

    Happy weekend and happy Mother's Day to your two sweet fur babies ;-)

  3. thanks for telling us about the recipe fortunate you are to have gardenias growing in your yard, such an intoxicating scent!

  4. What lovely flowers, Silke. They really do brighten up a dreary day. :) I love that photo of you and Daniel, too. You both look so wonderful. Thanks for the mosquito "recipe" - I am sure it will come in handy! Enjoy the weekend! Theresa

  5. I was just going to dry some Rosemary. I have my lavender drying and now that you reminded me, I'm head outdoors to crop some. Thanks. Have a great weekend.

  6. It works for us everytime, sometimes when they are terrible like in August I just put straight rosemary and patchoulli essential right on my wrists, temples, ankles, all the pulse points and it is magical! They just don't come by and you don't need too much so that you are too smelly. Take care dear. Blessings.

  7. here's wishing you a dry fun weekend, silke. oh the scent of gardenias. i once had an indoor plant with 32 flowers on it. it smelled like heaven!


  8. Well, here it is Saturday, and I am just getting here...does that tell you how my days are going???
    Your flowers are so gorgeous Silke....they are perfect enough that they don't look real~~BEAUTIFUL.
    It is dreary here again this morning and I can feel more rain coming.
    But off to work I go, unless I fall face first into the paint, which is a distinct possibility!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  9. Beautiful photos, Silke. I am on my way to check out the Rosemary oil. I have a huge Rosemary plant in my yard. LOVE that smell!

  10. Liebe Silke,
    der Hortensienstrauß sieht sehr schön aus in der weißen Vase. Ich hoffe, das Wetter ist wieder etwas besser.
    LG Sabine

  11. Oh! The flowers are so pretty, Silke!! I especially love the blue ones...whatever they are. So pretty!...Hope the rosemary oil works for you too! Those Southern Mosquitoes can be some real chompers!! LOL

  12. je vous souhaite une heureuse journée et j'espère que le soleil qui brille chez moi en ce moment arrivera jusqu'à vous... merci pour ces belles photos fleuries...