Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Scones - a recipe!

Several of you have asked me for the scone recipe Daniel made for the Royal Wedding! I made them again this weekend and they are so delicious!!

The recipe is from Mark Miller's (owner of the Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe and Red Sage in Washington D.C.) Flavored Breads cookbook. We've had this cookbook for years and use it all the time. Pretty much all the muffins I make are from his recipes.

I found his Currant & Brandy Scones recipe for you online here. We often modify it a little - sometimes we use golden raisins instead of the currants and usually we use buttermilk instead of cream. The brandy brings out the flavor of the dried fruit and the alcohol totally evaporates during baking. You can make them without the brandy, but it really adds to the flavor...

Try the recipe! They are easy to make (oh, yes, I almost forgot - we make the dough in a food processor, not by hand...) and they are delicious! You won't be disappointed!!


  1. Liebe Silke

    sonnige Sonntagsgrüße
    Angela und Elisabeth

  2. Ooooh! Thank you for the recipe link. YUM!

  3. Yum! Blackberries!!! :-) I miss Georgia!

  4. I love fresh scones, although I rarely make them. Have a nice Sunday.

  5. i am a true scone addict!! i'll have to get hubby to make them for me. i could eat one every day!
    much love to you;-)

  6. Thank you, Silke. Scones are awesome - I love them. Hope you had a lovely day today! Theresa

  7. why did this remind me of a precious best recipe book called the breakfast book by maion cunningham? perhaps because i decided yesterday to try every recipe from now until i either prepare them all or die before i finish :^)

    i hope you had a fine day, silke. ♥

  8. Oh die sehen aber lecker aus.
    Ich kopier mir das Rezept (mit deiner erlaubnis) und probier das mal aus.
    Ich wünsch dir und daniel eine tolle Woche

  9. I love scones! Never tried to make them. The B&B we stay at in newport has "afternoon tea" and scones! That was my favorite part of the day! I may need to try and make them someday! :)

  10. Oh these look really yummy...thanks for sharing!

  11. Hi Silke! So interesting to read this recipe...they sound delicious! A little different to British scones though...I would never roll out the dough, I just pat it into shape so as not to squash out the air! May just try them though...Happy week to you xoxo