Monday, May 23, 2011

A Gallery Share...

Kelly with gallery owner Kathleen Fenton in front of Kelly's beautiful art!
My sweet friend Kelly recently wrote a couple of beautiful posts (with lots of photos) on the latest artcrawl at The Gallery Off Broadway, where our art is on exhibit. Kelly was lucky enough to be there in person for this huge event and kind enough to take photos of her blog friends' art. Click here to visit her blog and have a looksee! Thank you so much, Kelly!!

Kelly also talks about some of the fantastic events planned by the gallery - another art crawl and probably even an art retreat later this year! Stay tuned for more news on that...

And ... the lovely and energetic owner of the gallery, Kathleen Fenton, is still looking for more artists. So, if you are interested, send me an e-mail and I'll get you connected so you can find out the details!

I am off to class this morning. We are in the home stretch and this is going to be one very busy week! I'm going have to remember to have fun with all of this...

Happy Monday!!


  1. lovely post! thank you so much for the shout out about the gallery and how we need more artists to represent! and yes, there will be a retreat sept 13-17 in excelsior springs, mo! the classes will be held at the gallery, everyone is staying at the beautiful elms resort! i can't wait until we have it all hammered out and online, it's going to be something you won't want to miss!
    good luck in class! much love and thanks again!

  2. good morning silke! how totally sweet of kelly to show not tell (ahaha, the theme of my latest post) seeing your artistry in this gallery must make your heart leap over tall buildings

    have fun,

  3. It is fun to see the photos of your art work hanging on gallery walls. I've been to excelsior springs it is a delightful little town and a fun place to spend a week-end. You should plan a get away.

  4. Wonderful..congrats to you both..shine on!

  5. This is awesome Silke and the gallery is very nice.
    Blessings all over you guys!

  6. This looks amazing! Will have to check out her blog for the photos!

  7. Happy dance, happy dance, cha cha cha!!!!!!