Saturday, May 21, 2011

Silke, the Student!

Last night, Daniel and I went to the building where I have my drawing class. I had to talk to my professor about the final project and I wanted to see my drawing up on the wall in the hallway. These are the best drawings from both sections of my professor's Drawing I class. The color drawings were from her Drawing II class.
Daniel brought the camera and took some pictures. They are a little washed out because the lighting was not the best in there, but you get an idea. Plus, you've seen my drawing in an earlier post.
The building itself is an old elementary school and simply gorgeous, especially after recent renovations.
I was trying hard to get my button still life arranged last night, but it still hasn't come together. My professor recommended I throw a handful of buttons to see where they land. I'll do that today and see what happens. Going with the flow...

And wishing you an incredible weekend with lots of time to enjoy your life!! 


  1. Isn't it a good feeling?! You did good!

  2. Wonderful works! I will have to do backtracking in your blog to see more.

  3. Excellent job, they all look fun to see them displayed like that.:)

  4. YEAH!!! It has been fun to go along with you on this journey. Love the building.

  5. Darauf kannst du stolz sein.
    LG Sabine

  6. Keep up the good work Silke! Looks like there's a lot of talented people in your class to keep up with too! Beautiful drawings. :-]

  7. wonderful! so nice to see your work on the wall!! hope you have a lovely sunday. i'm off to cali in the morning to visit family. my son, keith, is picking me up. we have an engagement party for my niece and a graduation for my nephew. these kids grow up way too fast!
    much love!

  8. oh my look at all these drawings. does this make you feel like you are part of a new community?

    i know the first time i walked into a writer's group, i could not believe other people liked to write as much as i did. i imagine you will experience the same thing.

    i have a feeling you have a good instructor!

    happy weekend silke


  9. CONGRATS SIlke...looks like a wonderful Art School and your drawings are great!
    Kelly posted some of your Art from the Gallery...I LOVE your portraits.
    HUGS and a Happy weekend.

  10. Beautiful!
    (artist, work, AND the building!!!)
    Don't worry about the buttons...I think what the instructor suggested might just work fine.
    We tend to overthink these little things... ;-)


  11. Hurray Silke!!! Loved seeing you in front of your art work. What a good feeling that must have been for you! :) Theresa

  12. Aaaaaaaaahhhh! How exciting! Congratulations on a terrific job! You must have an excellent teacher, because all those drawings look fantastic!

  13. how exciting silke! all these experiances must make you feel so good. i have recently been a student again too, it's been a wonderful feeling! have fun making beautiful art!

  14. Hi Silke- You have entered a very special time in your life. I admire you for taking on this new project and expressing yourself in new ways. The photos are exquisite- I love seeing you in this special place. Congrats on your success with your new class- your drawings are fabulous!

  15. Das ist doch ein toller Ort für Eure Ausstellung! Du kannst stolz sein auf Dich und Deine Arbeit. Nur weiter so liebe Silke! Liebe Grüße von Luzia.