Thursday, January 6, 2011

Things that make me smile today...

1. The beautiful piece of art my dear friend Elena created for me in her giveaway on her always inspiring blog My Quest! I just love it - the colors, the composition, the beaded hanger, and especially the words she added on the other side:
"Believe in your truth and your light will awaken the others around you." Elena, you are the best!!!
2. My two nests from my friend Vicki over at 2 Bags Full, her creative and beautiful blog. I had already shown you my first nest from her, but not yet the shore bird nest Daniel got me for Christmas!
I just love them! Perfect homes for the fairies our longtime friend TJ (Antonia Cardella Gallery) made for us. Don't they look so happy?!
As does glamor bird, don't you think? (Can you spy the corner of my beautiful new Journey to Wings date book by Kelly Rae Roberts? I hope it'll keep me on track this year!)
3. The bargain chicken plates we found this weekend and that look oh so perfect in our kitchen!
4. Our new lamp in our living room.
It looks beautiful with the light on...
...or off!
5. All of you!!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Such beautiful treasures Silke! They are all uniquely magnificent in their own way...enjoy them! Gorgeous!
    and yes the lamp is stunning..more reds! yay!
    have a beautiful day!

  2. Love the Chicken plates Silke! And that lamp---it is a definite *WOW* on or off!
    Enjoyed the chat yesterday~~soooo much to say, so little time.
    I need to make a list. Thought of a dozen things after I hung up.
    Love Elena's piece; she made me one too and I have it right by my desk! Such talent!


  3. Happy Thursday! You have some neat stuff. That lamp is really pretty! So modern; love the lines!

  4. WOW! Great things to smile about!...I especially love your chicken plates {being a farm girl from waay back! :-)}, and the lamp! On or off it's beautiful!

  5. That piece from Elena? Beautiful! I signed up for her giveaway and was a loser:-( and I remember her wondering if anyone would want what she was making. Duh! Who wouldn't!

    Those nests are fabulous, what fun ornaments you have added to them.

    Your chicken plates are wonderful as is your great new lamp. You must be breezing around your house, loving your new things! Congratulations.

  6. Liebe Silke,
    vielleicht habe ich ja noch was, ws dich zum Lächeln bringt, denn du bist.......
    Tada!!! die Gewinnerinn meines Giveaways.
    Bitte schreib mir wohin ich es schicken soll.
    Übrigens deine Lampe finde ich klasse ;0)

  7. Ok I was blushing when I saw my piece on your wall there. Hee hee. Thank you for your ever so kind words. I'm happy that you and the others let me make something for you. It seems to have opened up the creative flow a bit more. I've been having fun with it. I'll be an artist yet if it kills me!

  8. What nice gifts you received from your friends...I do like your chicken plates and your lamp...very pretty. I hope you'll have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend...I'll be outside enjoying the fresh, cool air - isn't it wonderful? (that makes me smile too!)

  9. Everything is just beautiful Silke! And I love Kelly Rae! :)

  10. oh wow!!! what a feast for the eyes!!! love all these photos Silke!!!! and that lamp neat with the lights on or off!!!!

  11. Beeeeeeeeeeutiful!!! All of it! Where do I place my vote for Daniel for Husband of the year??? He got you a shore nest!?! What a doll he is. My nest arrived early from Vicki. I am looking for a ball jar to place over it before displaying it. AND I love using a date book. In fact, you have just inspired me to purchase Kelly's. I have the NieNie wall calendar, but there is something about a date book open on one's desk... **many kisses** Deb

  12. Silke - OH for heavens sakes - you can tell that I have been totally absorbed with my "winter nesting"! - I had no idea this post was up!! Tose faires and that beautiful bird - they are perfect for the nests! I do love how you have them displayed!

    I love all of your treasures - the things that make you simle! Love how you displayed the new art pieces and those rooster plates are wonderful for your kitchen! The lamp - totally fabulous! You have a lot to smile about my friend!


  13. Love all the pretties you've shown here. They would make me happy, too! :) Thanks for sharing! Theresa