Friday, January 14, 2011

A Different Painting

Keeping Watch
acrylic painting on 4 x 6 inch stretched canvas

Now something completely different. I got this little canvas and wanted to just try out some wet-in-wet acrylic washes. I was totally inspired by the abstract pieces Cathy over at Artsy Butterfly (click here to see them).

I worked with washes and then lifted off some of the paint with a paper towel. What emerged was the little house on the right and the face in the sky.

I'm loving all your comments on my latest pieces and it feels so good to be in that creative flow again! Daniel and I are going on a little road trip this weekend, but I'll be back on Monday with hopefully some nice photos! For now I'm off to get everything ready for the wonderful young couple who take care of our pets and home while we are gone.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Sike, this is amazing. Love the colors and the composition. You are really on a roll, girl!

  2. Wunderschön, gefällt mir sehr gut!

  3. Oh, I do love this---full of feeling and mystery! The colors are drop dead gorgeous~~great work Silke!
    Have fun over the weekend. I hope it is someplace WARM......LOL!!!


  4. Hello Silke, I love this piece of art, love the way you do it, I have to try something like that, lately I am doing more bellydancing and less painting, but I will start painting soon.

  5. Silke I LOVE this!!! The colors are amazing and I love the house!!! The pink looks like clouds to me and pops next to the green of the house! WOW! Great job!

    Thanks for the shout out in this post! So glad I have inspired you with my abstract work! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Yes, yes, a house, but instead of a face, I see a dogwood tree in bloom!!! Oh, and a lilac bush, lower left. Wishing you a wonderful and safe journey. **kisses** Deb

  7. I love this - I think because color is so prominent - but also, because I really think I could do this myself! I will have to do some research about wet-in-wet acrylic washes, but perhaps this would be a good place for me to start my painting adventure :)

  8. Love this, Silke. It has a very mysterious look.
    Beautiful work! xoxo Diane

  9. keeping watch.

    perfect. your splashes of color say so much. they combine and create a mood, and your title then confirms it.

    have fun in that supposed-ta-be warm sun. )

  10. Ich seh schon, es ist bei dir wieder mal Zeit um Neue Auszuprobieren, das ist immer gut.
    Ich hab dsa Päckchen übrigens am Montag abgeschickt. Ich bin gespannt, wann du es erhälst.

  11. Have a wonderful weekend trip. Greetings, Inge

  12. love this Silke...the colors are wonderful...I am a big fan of paper towel and on! Play, play, play!

  13. The painting is beautiful - it has such an ethereal feel to it. Enjoy your weekend trip - hope you have fun! Theresa

  14. No face, how interesting. Have fun this weekend.

  15. Your work is so rich and colorful with so much texture. Marvelous. I found you through Anne at El Milagro Studio. xox Corrine

  16. Howdy Silke
    This was my first visit ,and as I happened upon your blog your amazing painting grabbed me and would not let go :)
    It is so striking in depth the more you look the more you see. The colors are so happy and carefree .
    Thank you for sharing your talent .
    Until next time
    Happy Trails

  17. I LOVE this. It seems so ethereal. The colours and light are beautiful!

  18. Love the colors! This is beautiful.

  19. Darling! These pages! they are divine!!!! great fun and blessed super art! I can tell you are in such a great place while creating these! Blessings.

  20. oh, to keep watch w/you...
    to see what you are seeing...
    GORGEOUS & breath-taking...
    dreamy! loooove this!

  21. OMG, Silke, I just LOVE your new paintings. Soooo beautiful!

    I was also struck by your comment a few posts back: "When I first started out, I was so much more carefree in just painting and experimenting. Because I didn't know anything, every painting was a success." So true! What a different experience creating is when we let it flow from our hearts and bodies instead of from our heads!

    Keep 'em coming. What a treat! (ha ha, started to type "teat". I guess that's true in that this nourished my soul today. tee hee.)

  22. Silke - I am not an artist at all - cannot even draw a stick figure - but this piece is breathtaking for me - I love the colors and the textures - it makes me want to reach out and touch it. A beautiful creation my friend.