Monday, January 17, 2011

Road Trip - Part 1: Orlando

Well, friends, we were only gone for three days, but during those days we experiences so much that I am on total inspiration overload. And it's going to take me at least three posts (maybe even four) to share it all with you. And share it I must!
We had tickets for Cirque du Soleil for Friday evening, so we drove directly to Orlando and arrived in Downtown Disney a couple of hours early.
I have to admit that I've always been one who dismissed the idea of ever going to Disney. I don't enjoy crowds and I'm not a fan of most rides. So this was a perfect little test visit for me.
And I was surprised at how much I loved my two hours of walking around Downtown Disney! Daniel kept saying that he couldn't believe how much I was enjoying myself!
I particularly loved the Lego play station and the Lego creations!
Aren't those amazing?!

Ghirardelli in the background reminded us of our years living near San Francisco!

And there was plenty of wonderful texture! Not everything was sleek and shiny.

And then we went to Cirque du Soleil and it was magnificent!! We started going to Cirque du Soleil performances back in 1989 or 1990 in San Jose. I remember reluctantly going to the first performance and being so amazed that we went again the very next night! And then again and again whenever and wherever we could!
This performance was no exception. It was pure magic! If you click here (and I hope that you do) you can see photos and even a little trailer for the performance.
We were enthralled!
From Orlando we drove to Cape Canaveral, where we spent the next two days and saw the most amazing wildlife, which I will show you in the next few days!

Before I sign off for today I wanted to thank you for all the kind comments on my latest paintings! I am already making more art and cannot wait to show you!!


  1. Hi Silke!! I can see you had alot of fun on your trip to FL! I was born in Orlando, lived in Altamonte Springs, and Tampa. My Mother lives in Sanford on the St. John's, and my brother lives in Altamonte. I LOVE going down for visits whenever I can. When I read your post it reminded me of the time my Mom and Stepdad knew we would be coming down for a visit and got us all surprise tickets to see La Nouba! We all piled up in their motorhome and had no idea where they were taking us! It was so amazing, I will never forget it and will never forget how much fun it was seeing it all together. I loved the girls voice that sang so much I bought the CD. Whenever I listen to it I am reminded of that fun day! Glad you all got to see it too!!

  2. Hi SIlke,
    Looks like a wonderful glad it went beyond your expectations. Love your photos & can't wait to see the rest of them. ENJOY!
    xoxo Diane

  3. I have only been to Disneyworld once but I loved it! They do everythings so well!! Glad that you had a great time! And I LOVE legos!!! My son is now 21 but I will NEVER get rid of his legos!! I will be playing with them when I am old and "doddering" (is that a word?!?!).

  4. Looks like your inner child is OUT!!! LOL I must admit, my inner child was always up for playing at Disney! We've been a few times and LOVED it every time! In fact, we loved all of the theme parks: Busch Gardens, Cypress Gardens, Epcot, The Magic Kingdom, etc... There's so much to do!!! I'm so glad you had a good time! :-)

  5. Liebe Silke,

    ein toller Park in Orlando. Ich mag solche Vergnügungsparks. Wir haben einen ganz in der Nähe. Den Hansapark an der Ostsee in Sierksdorf. Ungefähr eine gute Stunde von Kiel.
    LG Sabine

  6. Hey Silke,

    While I too am a hater of crowds and rides (along with my stomach...) when I went to Disneyland in CA years ago, it was amazing.
    Reality is put on hold and you are suddenly swept into childhood again; everything bigger than life and cares are out the window.
    Second, before the pic with the HOB sign in it, I knew from the style that HAD to be a House of Blues! Oh I love their folk art works!
    Okay--have to run, trying to clean a bit.
    Thank you for a visual break from the snow and the sweeper!!!


  7. Hallo Silke, das sieht nach einer tollen Reise aus.
    Sie Bildder sind so schön und ich beneide dich um die Wärme und den Sonnenschein.
    Hab noch eine schöne Woche

  8. Hi, Silke!! Great pics!! Wow....those lego creations are awesome!!! xo

  9. How very fun Silke! I've been to Disneyland a couple of times and felt like a kid again. I think it's time to go again sometime in the vey near future. Looks like your time was awesome. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to the next post.

  10. I felt the same way about my first Cique du Soliel show, I didn't want to go and now I can't get enough! I'm glad you spent the time in Disneyland it brings the child out in one and that is so important.

  11. ~oh our wee littlest would be over the moon to see such lego creations!!! what fun...and the you watched up front in person...we were here watching it on day one day we will make to a performance...i can only imagine it live!!! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  12. Wow Silke! Looks like you had a great time!! I have been to Disney twice in my life and its a great place! I am not big on rides but there is so much to see! Can't wait to see your new art! :)

  13. Wow! You had a lot of fun! Legos are so cool - did you know they are headquartered in Connecticut? I'm not big on rides, either - but I'd have a lot of fun walking around and taking in the sights. Thanks for sharing!!! Theresa

  14. Silke - I LOVE downtown Disney and the photos have captured the spirit of this wonderful place perfectly! So glad you enjoyed Cirque - it is one of my favorites! I am living vicariously through you!


  15. Wow what an amazing time it looks like you had! Always wondered what it was like and can't wait to see your next posts...

    <3 Gert

  16. Aren't road trips wonderful? I'm so glad you two are enjoying yourselves...those are wonderful memories to remember and it looks like the weather was nice as well :-)

  17. I was just in Orlando a couple of months ago and spent a day at Downtown Disney. Those pics looks so familiar. Sadly I could not work in the Cique du Soliel time for sure!