Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Dear friends, I had one of those light-bulb moments over the weekend.

Because I have so much fun painting, making things, blogging and connecting with you all, it felt like it should be a hobby (you know, if it's work it can't be fun...). Which to me it meant that I should only spend time with this when everything else is done.
And then it occurred to me over the weekend that this creative stuff - that's what I do! And that's what I need to (want to) spend the majority of time on. It's like being a passionate landscaper and only allowing yourself to work when it rains or in the dark. It sounds so obvious when I write it down, but it wasn't to me.

Another part of the equation is that I easily feel guilty when I spend "too much" time on the computer, just because we hear all the time about the pitfalls of begin online too much. Frankly, I love what I learn online, connecting with you, being inspired. So often, computer time is considered wasted time, but then I remembered that when I had an office job, I often had to spend eight or ten hours a day on the computer and that was considered just fine.
5 x 7 inch acrylic painting

Available in my Etsy Shop here.
People, this is a paradigm shift for me - actually spending my time each day doing what I love because that's who I am and that's what I do!

This morning, I spent three hours on the computer, listing several items on eBay and on Etsy, being on Facebook and in the blog world (oh, the inspiration I get from what you all post!!), writing some e-mails and now doing this blog post. All the while my inner voice was repeating the list of the things I "should really be" doing. But I just kept on telling it that I was doing exactly what I need to be doing and that I'll get to the other stuff as well.
Being able to be online is such an incredible gift to an introverted and empathic person like myself. I can feel completely connected to the outside world. I am connected with my family and old and new friends from all over the world, I am inspired daily by what you share about your lives, our house is filled with some of your artwork, I am right now wearing jewelry made by a blogging friend, I'm cooking your recipes, I'm reading your book recommendations, and so on and so on.
I Can See You
5 x 7 inch acrylic painting

Available in my Etsy Shop here.
Being online has enriched my life beyond measure and it has become part of me and actually necessary for my creative process and getting my creations out into the world.

My work is done in my studio and online. It is pure fun for me and I am done, done, done feeling guilty about it!

With much love and gratitude for you, my virtual community,