Friday, May 23, 2014

Painting With Oils Again

I finished another oil painting and I am so very, very pleased with it.
Oil paintings take me so much longer to complete than acrylic paintings that I end up putting many, many hours into them.
Every time I am finished with a painting session, I have paint all over my hands and clothes. Consequently, I now have designated oil painting clothes!
I also find it interesting how my color palette in oils is so very different than when I paint in acrylics. It's so much more subdued and subtle.  I like both for different reasons - the happy, strong colors and the soft, muted ones.
Because this is a recycled canvas, the molding paste and paper collage I used for the previous painting give this new one plenty of excellent texture.
This girl has attitude. For a while she was looking quite angry, which really didn't go with the cup in her hand. I toned that down some, but not all the way. A little attitude is good, right?
The Offering12 x 16 inch oil on canvas

Available in my Etsy Shop here. 
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead. We are having the best weather here and I hope you are, too!!

With lots of love and happy wishes,



Elisabeth Palzkill said...

Liebe Silke,


Alles Liebe

Brenda Maas said...

Lovely work.

Laura said...

So pretty! I've never tried oil. I've done a little with acrylics, but am really just learning to play with art. I hope to someday try oils. Have a wonderful weekend!

Janet Ghio said...

Nicely done.

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Very Nice!!

CallingForth said...

I do like this! - and it is a real contrast to what you posted today. I was beginning to think that as an artist I should have a particular 'style' or 'theme' and stick to it. However, you encourage me with your diversity…