Saturday, May 3, 2014

New Projects!

I've been scarce in the blogging world for the past couple of days as I have been busy, busy, busy - in a very good way! 
It's amazing to me - once I open myself up to being myself and living my very own creative life, everything starts pouring in - inspiration, new ideas, new projects and activities, and just plain fun!
A good friend taught me the basics of how to make these beautiful necklaces from ribbon yarn and beads. They are wonderfully meditative to make and the creative possibilities are endless. I'm already thinking bracelets and maybe even earrings if I can figure it out.
In other happenings, we are having a few friends over tonight for a Mexican dinner. Ok, it's more like a feast and we've been cooking all last evening and most of today. It's been great!
I love, love, love cooking when I have time to do so. And cooking together with Daniel is even more fun.
It's going to be delicious - two kinds of tacos with two different salsas, homemade refried beans, an avocado mango salad, but the best will be the dessert: a tropical trifle with mango, a syrup made with orange liqueur and whipped cream. I keep telling Daniel to remind me to keep some room for dessert. :) And margaritas, of course... Let the party begin!!
Back to the photos. Aren't those necklaces beautiful?! The orange/green one is already gone, but the blue/green/turquoise one is still available in my eBay Store.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend. I hope good weather is restored to all those areas that suffered with the recent storms. It's been heart wrenching to watch all the destruction. I hope all of you are doing alright!! And better than alright!!!

With lots of love and a full heart,



  1. gracious but you are on a roll! of inspiration.

    and also gracious, but those look so intricate. beautiful yes. but intricate to make. i'll just have to believe you, that making them is meditative. :-)

    i'm sure your gathering will be (or was) wonderful. friends, good food, delicious dessert and happy libations. how can it not be fun?!?


  2. I love your necklaces! Aren't they pretty. And your dinner sounds just fabulous!

  3. Your necklaces ARE lovely!! the colors are rich and blend well!! Matching bracelet and earrings would be lovely!!

  4. I am not too keen on necklaces myself, but yours are very beautiful und totally unique - if I had the matching colours in an outfit, I'd certainly wear them!

  5. These are gorgeous! And dinner--well now I'm hungry and it's midnight darn it. :D xo

  6. Die Ketten sehen toll aus, liebe Silke, besonders die blau-grüne.

    Fröhliche Grüße