Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Watercolor Finished!

Well, at least it's close enough to being finished that I can show it to you here. And once again I realize I am not a patient person... Actually, that was totally evident throughout this watercolor project which requires that you let layers dry before you work on or near them again. I had to actually walk away so I'd leave it alone. 
I thought this would be my least favorite projects of them all, but it turns out it was the one I enjoyed the most aside from the first charcoal drawing. This was definitely the most difficult of all the projects because with watercolor I really had to plan ahead as it is a most unforgiving medium (as I know from years of watching Daniel master it!).
The paper we used for this painting was Richeson Premium 300lb. cold press watercolor paper, and I used Winsor & Newton Winslor Blue and Burnt Sienna watercolor paints.
Tonight I am going back in to work on my graphite drawing some more and then on Thursday we have our final critique and are done with the class. I can hardly believe it!! It was so totally worth it!

I have much more to share with you, but that'll have to wait for another post. I hope you are all doing well and that all of you dealing with the floods up north are safe and sound!


  1. Silke you did a great job with this! And I don't think I would have enough patience for watercolor! lol I get frustrated using my watercolor crayons because they life up since I don't wait for them to dry! lol

    I so enjoy the forgiveness of acrylics!

    So happy you enjoyed this class so much! Looking forward to hearing what else you are up to!

    I can add no more!


  3. oh wow!!! you are amazing Silke!!!! watching you and your art grow is like watching a flower bloom!!!!

  4. hello ms. eclectic artist! i know so little but i can agree that watercolor is both a forgiving and a difficult medium. it is my favorite.

    how far you've come! my friend clara does abstract zen-like vibrant water colors. they pop and dance. and do you know marianne who does mandalas?

    ha! i don't normally introduce one blogger to another, but this is the second time i have done that with you (the first, my beloved mim). must be a reason :^)


  5. Hey...good job, watercolours are NOT easy...it took me a LONG time to even be pleased with mine...
    I am really impressed with your progression throughout this class...amazing!


  6. Bravo, Silke! You've discovered so much & done such great work during the course of this class. You're an inspiration to your friends & blog readers!

    Pop over to my blog for a quick look at the calm after the storm at the Maine Coast yesterday.

  7. Hallo Silke, gefällt mir sehr. Aquarellmalerei finde ich auch sehr schwierig umzusetzen. Sieht so einfach aus, aber in Wirklichkeit ist es die Meisterklasse der Malerei - für mich auf alle Fälle. Wünsch dir weiterhin viel Spass und gutes Gelingen. Bin immer gespannt, was es "Neues" bei dir gibt. Liebe Grüße und einen schönen Tag, Inge

  8. It's very lovely and so delicate! Great job, Silke. :)