Monday, August 15, 2011

Planning and such...

I LOVE a good plan. Don't you? I find that there is such power in planning something, whether it's a to do list for a new day, for the week, a new project, something you've always wanted to do. It doesn't matter what, for me a plan carries with it new beginnings.
And I love new beginnings - a new day, a new week, a blank canvas, a brand new note book, an empty notepad, the beginning of a class, a new book that hasn't been opened yet, new yarn, a brand new tube of paint - I could go on and on...
This morning I was making my to-do list for this week and I realized something. I really like making the lists and I often DON'T like doing what's on them. I think it's because I only write down my chores to do (and some of those are things I've been putting off for a while).
When I sprained my ankle last week, I had to sit still a lot and ice it, and while doing that I read and I knitted and crocheted. And I felt fine about it since I had an excuse. You know what I mean? Usually I feel a bit guilty when I sit around doing things I really enjoy because I "should be" tending to my list.
Can you see Winslow's behind? I tried to get his face in the reflection, but he wouldn't have it... 
I have some friends who make a list and then do those things without thinking too much about it. You plan it, you do it. I don't have that personality. I often feel very inspired to make my lists, but then not to do those things I should be doing...
So, I think I need to change how I make my lists, how I plan my days. I need to include those things that are the fun and inspiring part of my day as well. And it's not that the other stuff is bad - I have a pretty easy life here...

What do you do? Do you crank out your lists and then get things checked off? Or are you more of the "going with the flow" type of person like I am? For example, I'm always making plans of when I'll do what during the week, but then when the actual days roll around, I rearrange everything and go with a different plan. Drives me crazy sometimes! 
And how do you deal with those things that are a necessary part of life (like paperwork), but that are never really enjoyable to do. Do you do them a little bit at a time? Do you have a day set aside each week when you deal with that? Or do you get to it when you get to it?

Can you tell it's Monday morning? A fresh week is on my mind with a plan that's all written out and may or may not get done...


  1. Hi Silke!! I am a "go with the flow" person too. I do make lists but they usually don't get done! Or a list that is intended for one day ends up taking 4 days to finish!! In some weird, twisted, almost perverse way I always seem to be most motivated to do that which is NOT on the list!! It's kind of strange. I have also found that when I'm out a lot I want to be home, and then when I have a chance to be home, I suddenly have the urge to go out somewhere!!! I think maybe this my form of avoidance!!! Or maybe I am just too undisciplined?!?!?!

  2. Interesting you should post about this.
    I make lists ONLY when going to town, or if there is a project I am working on that a thought on problem solving pops up and I scribble like mad so I don't forget it.
    Here is the thing; I was in a situation where (more than once) I have had people INSIST that I plan my whole day.
    For a creative, that is anathema. I might as well go take a NAP. (which always sounds good!)
    Heck, I make grocery lists and lose them, so I have even cut that down to the things I absolutely MUST buy, and do the rest by rote.
    Life is too short to waste on lists...every minute of our time committed before the moment arrives.
    Who really wants that?
    (not Mo 1.....)


  3. Interesting, you two... Well, part of why I make lists is so that I don't forget what I need to do. I can start my day with something creative and forget about everything else forever more. And some of the things I have forgotten about in the past were important. So...I need to find a happy medium, I think!

    And being a creative person is totally new new me, still. In my previous life as a working girl, lists and calendars were my best friends. I worked with lots of deadlines and I needed to be organized. Now, it's harder to fit that kind of organization into my more fluid life, but still I don't want to forget about important "stuff."


  4. Then take the list, mark out everything that is not VITAL.
    There's what you really need.
    Like I said:

    Coffee Filters

    That's the list and the rest is done from habit.
    It really saves time too NOT doing long lists, unless you have a few days that are going to be berserk and you must get a certain amount done.
    But your life has changed, and doing all these *have-tos* daily?
    Well, that's why my house is a wreck and I don't care. As long as I have created something of value....creativity always wins, and the transition to the muse can happen in small steps.
    Maybe your lists are another step?


  5. I am a list-maker but my husband is the 'doer' of the list's I make so it works out perfectly:)
    At work I am fairly organized and I have a weekly list of to-do's that I have to do every week,every day. At home I am a creative-chaos go-with-the-flow nester! If that makes sense.
    Good luck on fulfilling your to-do lists!

  6. Hi Silke,
    Ahh, lists ... I just finished mine for the week. I think for me it's an exercise in decluttering my mind, and then I go about doing whatever. Usually the end of the week comes and I've done at least *most* of the things whether I've referenced my list or not.
    Happy week!

  7. Wenn was bei mir im Kalender steht, dann wird nicht dran gerüttelt. Hab mich ja schließlich drauf eingestellt. Ich kann es einfach nicht ab, wenn man meine Planung durcheinander bringt. Alle wollen sie was von uns ( lach). 5 Enkel, 2 Kinder und Schwiegerkinder.. Dann noch mein Bruder, der ewig was an seinem Unimog hatund so weiter... Nein, nein, ich bin ein Planer und weiß gerne , was los ist, leider... LG Inge

  8. this is a lot of good thinking about lists. i know you'll figure out just how to make your lists work for you. i love all those new things too!

  9. Ach, SIlke. Ich schaffe es noch nicht einmal bis zur Liste:-)

  10. Silke, I have to laugh when I think about MY lists. I write them all the time and they end up buried on my desk under a pile of things that I need to go through and THAT, too, was on the list. haha
    I think it is a habit I formed a long time ago and I end up with a long list and only get one or two things done on it before I have to write another list. It's one of those vicious cycles.
    I'm with you. I would love a simple, inspiring life. Alas, too many responsibilites right now ~ I need some kind of list to keep me sane. (:
    ♥ audrey

  11. Great post as always Silke!

    I find that certain weeks I really stick to my to-do list and other times I just go with the flow.

    What I've been doing is writing out on Friday night my list of everything I want to do the next week, including craft projects, and things like yoga. I include things for me too that way it doesn't feel boring.

    I also don't set days for each thing, instead I write "exercise 3 times a week" or "do laundry" then it isn't so much stuck on one particular day and I don't feel defeated if I have an off day.

    Lots of love, C