Monday, August 1, 2011

Old Typewriters, Radios and Toads

Good monday morning, everyone! I can't believe it's been almost a week since I last blogged. A week filled with drawing, reading, spending time with Daniel, going to the movies, the theater, dinner with friends and much more!
Now, Daniel's summer break is over and he's teaching again. And I am on to my next drawing project - a very detailed graphite drawing. At first I thought I wanted to draw parts of that great old typewriter in the picture above, but somehow the typewriter and I never really clicked...
So, when my professor brought this old vacuum tube radio, I knew that this was the still life for me!
I've already worked on this drawing for quite a few hours and there's so much more to do! Just look at all that detail and texture. This morning I'm going to spend some time sketching out the power chord with those four twisting wires. I have a feeling they might give me some trouble...
In other news, we've had some regular visitors in our yard.
Two toads who haven't taken up residence in the toad houses Daniel put in our backyard,
but in the flower pots we have next to our porch.
The little one hasn't been back in a few days (we figure he was a male that moved on), but the big toad in the schefflera plant seems to have made that her semi-permanent home. For some reason that makes us both quite happy...

I hope you are all doing well and I hope to visit your blogs again soon... Until then I wish you a wonderful week!!


  1. I ♥LOVED♥ the typewriter, but I reeeeeally ♥LOVE♥ the vacuum tubes and old wiry parts!
    That is going to make an amazing drawing.
    Yay Silke!


  2. What fun vintage props for drawing. I love old typewriters and sometimes wish I didn't as I have quite a few and they are big and heavy! What an odd thing to collect, no?

    It is very sweet that you are both enjoying your little toadie friends. :)

  3. Hi Silke... looks like you are having a wonderful summer...happy august, my friend

    i LOVE the toads !!! so cute

    happy to stop by today

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  4. Je m'aperçois que vous avez eu des moments intenses ces derniers jours... Je vous souhaite une bonne rentrée de vacances.
    Je vous fais de gros bisous.

  5. Ha! Ha! Must be the season for frogs. We just had one in the backyard too! ^_^

  6. Wow - your professor loves old stuff as much as I do... ;o) Can't wait to see the magnificent drawing this will become.
    Too cool to have a toad living in your flower pot - they are so beautiful!

  7. Love the typewriter and the little frog! :)

  8. Love the vintage typewriter!! ANd wow! cannot wait to see what you do with your new sketch!! So glad to hear you are enjoying your class and that you had a good week!


  9. cute cute cute! i love the frogs living under the cool plants umbrella like leaves. i finally found a teeny little frog in our garden, well, techincally it was in our neighbors, but it made me so happy! maybe i ought to make some houses too?

    good luck with the drawing, you will be brilliant!

  10. Best of luck with your drawing. Yes it has been a busy summer. I've been gone a lot to visit family. Hope you are enjoying yourself.

  11. Sweet little toads! Haven't seen any in the yard yet. I am sure you will create a great drawing from your old finds. :)