Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Blog Love

I love being a witness to the very beginning of new blogs, especially creative blogs. I remember that moment when I posted my first post and revealed a little of my creative journey. A little bit scary and at the same time so freeing! And I remember the first comments that encouraged me on my way.

Today, I got to leave the first comments on two brand new creative blogs. Take a look:

Artsy Butterfly

Enchanting the Invisible...

What a great community this is!!


  1. Halloechen, the second link does not seem to work. It always takes me back to my dashboard.
    Otherwise have a lovely evening!

  2. Danke, Erika! I fixed it!! : ) Silke

  3. Danke für deine Hinweise!

  4. Hi Silke, how very nice of you. It's blogger's like you that make blogland the place to be. Have a great rest of the week.

  5. Thanks for sharing Silke!
    How are you my sweet friend?
    I know it's been a while...I am off to browse the HUNDREDS of posts I have missed and to click on these 2 new blogs...thanks for sharing.

  6. Silke..you are so amazing.wow!!!.thankyou..you have such a generous heart and spirit! Blessings and magic to your beautiful heart!

  7. Silke,
    Great to have found your and your supportive creative spirit via this blog!
    Love the links you posted. Thanks so much.
    I look forward to following your blog as well!

  8. What terrific discoveries, Silke! Thank you for sharing the creative spirit with us all. I will visit with them as soon as I can. :) Theresa

  9. Hi Silke!! Wow! Thanks so much!! I woke up this morning to lots new faces on my blog and such wonderful comments! What a warm welcome you have given me to this creative blogging world! (((HUGS))) :)

  10. Silke - how wonderful of you to help these newbloggers! I will always remember how hard it was for me to get a start - and how some kind and generous people helped me in the beginning. It takes a lot of work to establish a blog and to keep it going - when people like you give a little start - it makes all the difference. I will vist your friends soon.