Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Knitting News...

My friend Doris recently introduced me to Recycled Silk Sari yarn and I am so hooked! Apparently this yarn is hand spun from the silk threads left over after a sari has been woven. So, each skein is different and the colorways always a surprise.
I just finished knitting my first (long) silk scarf in this beautiful diagonal drop stitch pattern and just love it!! The colors are amazing and the scarf is oh so very soft! Have any of you worked with this yarn before?

Of course, the scarf is available in my Etsy shop!


  1. Just gorgeous Silke..the colors are very vibrant and rich...looks like such fun to create these treasures.

  2. Beautiful work Silke! So pretty! Love the colors! I have never seen yarn like this. I don't knit (never got the hang of it!) but like to crochet. And I love yarn that has so many colors you never know what it will look like until its done!

  3. I wish I could comment in color......
    I am completely, utterly, thoroughly PEA-GREEN with envy for that yarn!
    But I love you anyway and the scarf is beautiful!


  4. ~this is ever so beautiful delicate and feminine...i l♥ve silk and the thought that it is recycled is even more tempting...i am working with very tiny threading proving challenging and requiring a bit more patience as it easily breaks...is this strong or fragile? i will have to look into it! thank you so for sharing such a gorgeous hademade piece...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  5. No, Silke, I have never even heard about this kind of yarn before. But it sure looks beautiful with all of the colors going through it! Great piece!

  6. so beautiful silke!
    i LOVE the colors!!!

    love and hugs

  7. oh wow!!! this is a beauty Silke!!! wonderful knitting!!!

  8. Oooohhh, I love, love, love sari yarn as you know:-) your pattern is great!

  9. Hey Silky!!
    This scarf is beautiful and so fitting with the name "Silky".
    I would love to be able to knit. Back in the stone ages, I knitted a cape for my Mom. I remember it being relaxing to do, but I wouldn't have a clue to even know how to begin now. Perhaps someday.
    It is wonderful that you have ventured out into other avenues of creation than just painting.
    ♥ audrey

  10. Beeeeeeeeeeeeutiful!!! Especially love the recycling part. **kisses** Deb

  11. Oh, this is beautiful, Silke, and the colors are marvelous! I have never worked with that yarn but it sounds delicious!

  12. It's quite gorgeous, Silke. It looks like it has a beautiful texture - and the colors are lovely. Wonderful job! Theresa

  13. I don't knit....but that is gorgeous!

  14. so pretty. i have heard of this yarn but i've not used it yet. thank you for the reminder, i would like to try it.did you make a second for yourself?? ☺

  15. Very, very pretty color palette, and I love the texture of the yarn!

  16. Silke - this is absolutely beautiful. I love this yarn also - love that you made a dropped stitch design - so lovely! Wont last long in your shop!