Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Yesterday was a cold day! Blustery, gray, rainy and promising to get colder and worse. So Winslow and I headed out to Fort Pulaski knowing that icy conditions would make it impossible for today.
We were the only ones out there and it was beautiful
Winslow loved it! The colder the better.
And I kept having to stop to snap a picture or two.
I love this kind of dormant landscape.
The colors of winter in the South where the green never goes away fully.
By the time we got home, I was windblown and wet from the rain... and fully awake!
Later in the day, I received a used copy of this cookbook in the mail - it is excellent! I've made a few recipes from it (tried it out from the library first) and they were all delicious - and healthy.
I also decided I needed some new colorful dishcloths and knitted those two while sitting by the fire. It was beyond cozy!
I started the fire with pinecones from our yard and tried to get a picture of one of them that still kept it's shape, but was all burnt out and just glowing. I couldn't get it into focus (it was too hot close up), but still like how it came out.
Today, we are expecting sleet and even some snow (very unusual for this part of the country!) for most of the day, which means another cozy day is on the menu chez Powers...

Wishing you much warmth and coziness. Stay warm, everyone!!



  1. And you are just as beautiful, when windblown and wet from the rain. Even more so, possibly.

    How lovely to read a post, with a positive message... For surviving this *Horrible Winter.* I'm really tired of all the moaning, about it.

    I collect blog entries, which try to see a good side of it... Like lovely and rare beads, on a chain. Thank you.


  2. There you are in the south "where the green never goes away fully" and I'm here where the green never really fully comes, not in the countryside anyway. Lovely photos and what a cozy day. Thanks for taking me alone with you. Oma Linda

  3. Liebe Silke,

    dein schöner Blog hat mich wiederum erfreut.

    Alles Liebe

  4. Your fireplace is immaculate, stylish and beautiful. The landscape pictures make me want to go there for a nice, long, windswept walk - provided I can sit by the fire afterwards, and maybe get something delicious and hot to eat from your favourite bowl :-)

  5. Beautiful pictures, I love the colors. And I just started knitting dishcloths - how funny. But not that colorful and brave as you - I'll take this as an inspiration, thanks!

  6. You're getting what we had yesterday!! We're still trying to recover from it!! HOpe you're home and will not have to venture out. stay safe and stay warm!

  7. We have been there too, but it has been quite a while. I was wondering if you guys got any snow as we definitely wanted to share what we got here in the Atlanta area! The fireplace has been my friend today too although I have not been crocheting more like catching up in blog land. Stay warm!

  8. Stay warm, Silke!
    I love your blazing fire and your burning pine cone!
    I have a photo of your knitted scarf on my post for matches the cactus that just bloomed! xx

  9. Winter does look lovely with just a touch of green, I agree.

  10. Lovely landscape pics and I just love seeing warm and cozy fires, we miss the fireplace we had in our previous home. It's bliss to read/knit/think next to a fire, isn't it? :) Stay warm xx