Friday, January 17, 2014


As homework for my class, our teacher told us to set up a mirror and practice doing self-portraits. So, tonight I did just that. This is still in the rudimentary stage. I only worked on it for 30 minutes or so, just following the shapes of the cast shadow and trying not to think about what I was drawing. And then something really interesting happened.
As I stepped back, I saw a likeness to pictures I have of my mother. Normally, when I look at myself in the mirror, I can see a strong resemblance to my dad's side of the family. And my beautiful sister looks much more like my mother's side. I never thought I had any resemblance to my mother. But in this drawing I see it. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe the softness around the lips. I don't know, but it really touched my heart in a way that was very unexpected.

And I guess maybe those are the things a drawing or painting can capture that a photograph might not. I'm very intrigued...



  1. That's really interesting, because the first thing I thought when I saw your drawing was that it reminded me of Caro! And since she looks like your mom, perhaps I am seeing some of what you're seeing. Anyway, it's a lovely drawing. And to hear your thoughts on it makes it particularly compelling.

  2. Art is just so magical, Silke...I love this!

  3. Liebe Silke,


    Alles Liebe

  4. Intriguing! Your "shadowy" experience reminds me of what I have read about the famous Nofretete bust. Apparently, when seen in a different light and from a different angle, although her wondrous beauty remains, she looks a lot more "real" and shows the typical lines a woman of her age in real life would show.

  5. Oh it is simply beautiful.... You weren't "even trying," and you produced such a lovely sketch... Amazing.......


  6. So very beautiful!!Gorgeous looks like faded a vintage portrait or old photograph you come across..very cool!

  7. Très beau travail, joli post, très bon week-end - Cath.

  8. Your portrait is beautiful just as you are.

  9. What a great beginning! What a beautiful little story as well... that is indeed what art does... it brings all kinds of things to the forefront that we might otherwise not have seen!
    Hugs my sweet blogging sister,
    Beth P

  10. Ich hab mal was ähnliches erlebt, ich malte ein Frauenportrait ohne viel darüber nachzudenken und am Ende sagte meine Schwester :"Das sind ja wir". Das Unterbewusste lenkt uns, es weis was es tut.

  11. Looks great Silke!
    I remember when I had to draw my self by looking in a mirror. I still have that drawing somewhere. I look really grumpy in the drawing because I was so consentrated when I looked up in the mirror ha,ha. Remember to SEE and NOT THINK when you draw. Forget everything you know about a face, just draw the shapes, the lines and the dark spots you see. I have filmed the last portrait I did of the baby. I will post it soon. Lots og hugs and creative love from Norway :)