Monday, January 20, 2014

Our Morning Walk

Today is a holiday in the US, so when Winslow and I went on our early morning walk at Fort Pulaski, there was nobody there but us. I love the solitude out there. And the wildlife.
This morning we saw an immature great blue heron up close. First he was in the water and then he flew up into the tree for an even better photo.
I loved the moon over the fort in the blue, blue sky.
If you enlarge the photo below, you can see a deer watching us to see if we were getting closer. And do you see the moat around the fort? In the warmer months you sometimes see alligators swimming along or sunning themselves on the grass.
A nice view of the Savannah River. All was calm this morning.
While I was fiddling with the camera, Winslow sat down and contemplated his good fortune - minutes earlier he had discovered something questionable he just had to roll around in... He must have thought it smelled wonderful! Suffice it to say that we drove home with the windows open and he got his neck scrubbed very well once we got home.
I just love the cold weather we've been having and being able to wear the few winter things I've knitted for myself like this pretty slouch hat with a little bit of sparkle in the yarn and the big pink flower. Makes me feel girly, which doesn't happen too often.
It'll be a good day here - I have a few errands to run and then I'm hoping to spend time in my studio drawing and painting.

Wishing you a great start to your week!



  1. Liebe Silke,

    du strahlst, und ich freue mich mit dir.
    Alles Liebe

  2. What an exciting walk, I guess the camera always goes with you, to capture the wild life. Love your hat

  3. Jan. 22

    Daniel Powers is your husband! I love, love, love that illustration. :-)

    Isn't it wonderful, how "small a world," blogging is?

    Stay warm down there in the South!