Friday, January 3, 2014

Watercolor Play

Before Daniel left on his travels, I asked him if I could use his watercolors just to play a little bit. They've intrigued me, yet aside from my little Pelikan gauche set in elementary school I've not used them much.
Today, when I looked at Daniel's stash, I was simply overwhelmed by the different colors and manufacturers.
So I snagged a little traveling watercolor set he has and played with that a little. It was fun. And unpredictable the way they blend and flow. A little like life. The outcome wasn't what I had expected, but I like it. Also a little like life.
How are the first days of January treating you? Here it is COLD - at least for us here in the South it's cold. Luckily only at night. And tomorrow we are expecting it to get a little warmer again. Nice!

Wishing you cozy warmth wherever you are!!



  1. Your watercolor experiment sounds like fun. And I really like how your painting turned out. It's good to try something new for the New Year. It's good to go outside our comfort zones. It's good to take risks! That's something I want to do more of.

    The snow has finally stopped here in Maine, leaving us with about 9 inches of new accumulation. Still bitterly cold, but should be a bit better by Sunday.

  2. Hurray for you, Silke! I think you were wise to choose a smaller set...Even painting with only 3 colors can be amazing. I'm up here too, but about 130 miles north of Beth and it is C-0-0-0-0-L-D!! I like the qualities of your painting & your discoveries...

  3. i'd say this was a darned good start!

    i paint with watercolors once a year--during my summer vacation. watercolors and a micron pen.


    happy new year, silke. xo

  4. I think that painting in watercolours is all about being willing to relinquish control over the outcome.

  5. I always loved playing with watercolours but was never good at producing a proper picture with them, I'm afraid; that technique is just above me :-)

    Work starts again only on the 7th for me, so I am using these first few days of 2014 to relax and get things ready for the year, such as putting my new diary in order and some other paper work.
    It is not very cold here; actually, by Tuesday, we are supposed to get near 15 Celsius, and I'm afraid we'll have a long, cold period much later than we would like to, stretching into March or even April, to make up for the mild December and January.

  6. Liebe Silke,

    Das ist Kunst.
    Alles Liebe

  7. I'm not a painter, except of walls, but I do like what Debra said about watercolors. And I like your outcome!


  8. Beautiful colors Silke-- I do love the way they mesh together-- (it's nice of Daniel to let you play with his toys while he is gone!!)


  9. The first week of January has been quiet -- just what I needed! :)