Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What if?

About two days ago, I came across this blog post on the Superhero Journal website and it's had me thinking ever since.
In it Andrea talks about what would happen if we accepted some things as certain rather than questioning ourselves over and over. At the end of the blog post she has this question: What if you took ________________  for granted and started to create from there?
I thought about my art (among other things) and how on some days I feel like and artist and on others I feel more like an impostor.
When people ask me what I do, I now tell them that I'm an artist and then I blush because part of me feels like I'm lying and pretending to be something grander than I really am.
And this morning I thought: "What if? What if I took for granted that I AM an artist and start creation from there?"
And my whole day unfolded very differently. I got up, fed all our four-legged family members, had breakfast and went upstairs into my studio.
And then I painted.
Like I meant it.
Like I belonged in front of that easel.
I painted and painted and painted.
And here she is. She is me. 100%.
What if?
Acrylics on wrapped canvas
2 x 3 ft
What if we all took for granted that we are talented, deserving, beautiful, wonderful, and lovable and then started to create from there.  Interesting question, isn't it? I know I'll be pondering it some more.

Wishing you a beautiful Wednesday!



  1. A very interesting question! I say let's do it! Let's all assume we are wonderful just as we are. ♥ Love the big painting! You are getting bolder with age. It's fun, isn't it? ☺

  2. Fabulous!
    Great question. I always feel like an impostor too when someone calls me an artist or if I say it myself. I never really feel like my art is good enough for me to call myself an artist; but what if I allowed myself to think I am good enough? Lots of food for thought, thank you.

  3. Liebe Silke,

    jeder Besuch bei dir schenkt Freude.

    Alles Liebe

  4. Thankyou for sharing these thoughts Silke. I've been a painter for a long time, had exhibitions and sold my art in many places BUT I feel the same as you describe! What is it about being an artist that makes us feel like frauds?! It's all down to confidence isn't it? Mine dips too often! Thankyou for this inspiring post.
    Jess xx

  5. Oh, Silke, this is wonderful inspiration because our mental attitudes do affect us so strongly! I love how you shifted into clear thoughts & then got 100% into your painting, with no obstructions about labels, etc. For me, clearing & centering have to be done on a regular basis, old ways of thinking can creep back in...She/you are very colorful & passionate & creative, I think!

  6. This is really expressiv.

  7. Silke, you are talented, deserving, beautiful, wonderful, and lovable. I don't have any doubt about it! :-) Your paintings are so, so beautiful! Thanks, dear, for sharing them with us. I hope this new year, you have all that inner peace that you wish and deserve. Many kisses from Spain! xxx

  8. Yes, thats a great question Silke! That is the same question I decided to follow and my creativity and skills changed! Now I am prepearing for a major exhibition for a gallery that only exhibit "really" artists with lots of education and exhibitions! It is a dream come true! I am an Illustrator & Artist :) Looking foreward to see your work as an artist Beautiful, it looks really great! Hugs & Love Annika