Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Forward

As I look toward a new year, I am always filled with hope.
Hope for a yet better year, for more joy, more happy moments, more moments savored to the fullest, for more connections with friends and family, more creative projects, more marveling at the beauty of life, more dog noses kissed and cat ears scratched, more time spent in nature, more peace, more good news shared, more gifts given, and the constant awareness of infinite possibility!
More postcards soon to find a new home!
I wish all of that for you! And with gratitude for a year spent together here in the blog world, I wish us all a most amazing 2013!


Sunday, December 30, 2012


I was simply overjoyed by your comments on my last blog post and all the good wishes for the new year. After such a long-ish break, I wasn't sure I was still on anyone's radar... I am grateful to all of you!

I've started making some fast and small art, a tag and a postcard in this case. Some people like to paint in their art journals, I like to make my art in a format that can leave home and live elsewhere.
Send me an e-mail (link is on my sidebar)  with your address if you'd like to get one of these small creations in the mail (snail mail that is) at some point. I will be making many more throughout the coming months. They'll all be different, so let yourself be surprised by the one you receive...

It's just a small token of my appreciation for your friendship!

It is a cold morning here (cold for Savannah, that is) and I know that many of you are dealing with winter weather and huge amounts of snow. Stay warm and cozy and safe! 


Saturday, December 29, 2012


Dear friends, it is odd to have been disconnected from my blog and the blog community for so long. First we were traveling, mainly without any internet connection and then our modem at home broke and - because of the holidays - couldn't be replaced until a couple of days ago.
The only connection we had was over our phones and both of us are not savvy enough to do much with that...  But now I am back and ready to show you some pictures of our recent travel when my dad came to visit and we first spent some time in Florida and then in the Caribbean. It was wonderful, interesting and oh, so relaxing!
In Florida, we stayed at our friend, Vicki's gorgeous condo in Satellite Beach. Vicki has a beautiful blog (click here) and actually a wonderful blog "party" coming up if you are interested in growing your blog. The picture below - that was the view from the condo - it's a wonder we left to explore anything else at all. At night we could hear the ocean from our window - it was wonderful!
During this time away from my blog, I've been thinking about it and how I wanted to take it a little bit deeper in the new year. With my art and also what I share with you all. 
I am constantly thinking about "things" and I rarely share what those thoughts are. I've been on an active spiritual journey for the last 25 years and rarely share anything about that. This journey has led me deeply into science and I rarely talk about that.
Yet all of that is connected to who I am, to my art, to how I live my life and everything I do or think or say. I think it's time for more of that part of me to come out to play.
I had thought that this year I wouldn't plan anything for the new year - you know like choose a word that I hope will be my theme for the year. However, I love new beginnings and of course they make me think of what I am wishing for the next year. I should know better by now... 
At first I thought I want my theme to be "fearless," as fear is THE big bug-a-boo in my life. Fear and all of it's close relations ~ anxiety, worry, regret, and so on.
This has dominated my life as long as I can remember. I have memories of not wanting to go into my room in Kindergarten when I was a little late for worry of what the other kids might think. I was three or four at the time! You get the idea.
Frankly, I'm tired of it. But the theme "fearless" would still keep my focus on fear and I want to give it no more attention. 
So, instead I want next year to be an inspired year for me. I want to live more from my heart.
I want to laugh more, read more, paint more, share more, enjoy more and take you all - whoever is interested - along with me on the ride. 
I also want to be more generous - with my time and my creations, which means I will have lots more to give away on this blog. 
I am so grateful for all of you who are still reading this. Life's journey is so much more fun when it is shared by others, don't you think?

Daniel took all of these beautiful photos in Florida (except the one of him - I took that on an early morning beach walk).

I hope you are all having a wonderful Holiday Season and are enjoying some fun days with family and friends!


Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I'll be back soon and am looking forward to connecting with you again!!