Friday, March 25, 2011

Swamp and Gator Pictures

I am still not quite in my groove yet, but I thought I'd better show you some photos before it feels like yesterday's trip to me. Wow! So much is happening and I can barely keep up. But more of all that later...
For now a picture heavy post with many alligator photos from an adventure that was amazing!! Pictures were taken by all four of us and some of them Jim and Tia took on the second day when Daniel had to take me home because that bug I caught was really bugging me...
Not much explanation is needed, so just enjoy...

Alligators were everywhere! Our friends, Jim and Tia, counted over 120 of them the second day...

Tia spied this gorgeous barred owl on the second day. My aunt and uncle took a boat tour in the swamp the morning of our arrival (they were coming back from a road trip to Florida) and they actually saw the owl hunting.
After a long day paddling, our nice big campsite was a welcome sight!
Foil dinners... yum!!
And me feeling pitiful already. Good thing nothing keeps me down for long... all healthy again!!
Tomorrow, I'll have some more photos for you of Savannah and also Fort Sumpter we visited in Charleston yesterday. 


  1. Was für eine faszinierende Lnadschaft und was für wunderschöne Fotos! Dir ein tolles Wochenende, Hugs Stefanie

  2. Absolument génial... je vous envie vraiment!Tous ces animaux... La chouette est terrible, la libellule apprivoisée, les tortues (j'en ai peint une dans ma dernière toile!) et les plus féroces qui vous narguent...
    Génial! merci pour ces belles photos et gros bisous.

  3. Beautiful photos Silke~~~I love that owl! (and those gators look AWFULLY HAPPY....hmmmmmm.....)
    What a magnificent place to visit; not sure I could do it, but love being there vicariously!


  4. That many alligators would make me sick also!!!! Hope you are feeling better.

  5. Silke, these are fabulous photos of the gators. You are one brave lady. Those canoes look mighty tiny next to those gators - I would have been worried they would tip the boat over. Nonetheless, it looks like an exciting adventure.
    I love the dragonfly photo and the owl photo is wonderful!!!
    You were in Charleston? Did you stop to visit my son? LOL! He would have given you a German beer - he LOVES German beers.
    I hope you are feeling all back to normal now!
    Thanks for sharing.
    ♥ audrey

  6. You guys are very brave! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time and glad you are feeling better.:)

  7. What great photos. You aren't scared of the gators? I would be worried they would tip the boat as big as those guys are.
    Looks like you had a GREAT time.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Silke...oh my...I have fallen in love with that beautiful owl...just what I needed to stir my soul today!!! You are so lucky to be amidst all this gorgeous nature! Love the two turtles...beautiful post..thanks for sharing your magic always! I long for summer..we still have some snow are soo lucky!
    HUgs and happy Spring!!

  9. You sure have been very busy - those photos are magnificent, Silke! Those gators look so fat and sassy and I could have sworn some of them were even smiling. Wheat great memories you are making. Happy Spring!

  10. WOW...looks like a fabulous trip...were you ever terrified of the gators?
    LOVING the owl...and too bad you couldn't just jump into the swamp!!!

    HUGS ma dear and thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

  11. WOW! Alligators, dragonflies, and owls....and you not feeling your best. :-( Well I'm glad you're feeling better now! :-) Great photos!...I'll be looking forward to the Charleston photos too!

  12. I see that you've had a great time!! :-) congratulations! Kisses!

  13. The photo of the owl is wonderful. What a treat to see that and those are some big alligators--i don't think I would like to go in a boat into the water with them.

  14. Liebe Silke,

    das war wundervoll.
    Herzliche Grüße

    Angela und Elisabeth

  15. Wow! Those are a lot of alligators. I don't think anyone could get me to go camping in an area with gators...

  16. wirklich sehr beeindruckend.
    LG Sabine

  17. WOW - those photos are amazing - I had no idea the swamp was so beautiful! Truly - these are stunning - makes me want to go - EXCEPT for the gators - thats a little too close for comfort for me! My husband would LOVE to make this trip though!!

  18. OMG! You were so brave to go canoeing with the gators. I was in South Carolina two weeks ago but I had no Internet access. One of these days, I would like to go to Charleston. Your photographs make me long for Savannah and Charleston. Isn't Okeefenoke, beautiful? Welcome back!

    I also know that feeling of dread and anxiety. I have been there! It's awful but you will be back to fine again. TSUP!

  19. Fabulous photos!!!! Isn't it funny how alligators always look like they're smiling? LOL And that OWL - how gorgeous! Thanks for sharing images from your trip!!! Theresa