Monday, March 28, 2011


I am so excited! This morning (I have to leave in a few minutes) I start my drawing class. Yesterday I went to get most of the supplies and I couldn't believe how fun it was just doing that. Here's what I got:
I thought we were just going to draw with pencils, but I had to get a bunch of charcoal as well (insert happy dance), which means I get to get my hands dirty and I love that when making art...

This morning, I don't have to take any of this yet as we'll just go over the syllabus and the supply list. And I'm glad I don't have to take anything because it's still raining.

We had storms all yesterday afternoon and throughout the night. Poor Winslow had to snuggle close while it was thundering. Yesterday, we were hearing this awful racket and then we saw the hail - big hail! That was quite something. Have a look at my super short little video:
Ok, time to get ready and be a student again - probably the only gray-haired student in the bunch, but I don't mind...

Wishing you a great beginning to a most creative week!!


  1. Oh have fun Beautiful!!!!Hugs & Love Annika

  2. Get dirty...have a good time!
    Blogger is being a putz and won't load the hail pic... >:-\
    Well, it IS Monday! LOL!
    Hope you thoroughly enjoy your class.


  3. Back at you! Excited for you! Neat vid of the hail too - bizarre!

  4. Have fun at your class, I admire you for pushing yourself.

  5. Hi Silke! I am glad for you! Learn a lot and have fun! Someday, when I have money I will do that too. Kisses.

  6. Exciting, roll around in that chalk! xox Corrine

  7. Liebe Silke,

    wir grüßen dich recht herzlich und wünschen
    dir schöne Stunden

    Angela und Elisabeth

  8. Have fun in class - I LOVE school and learning!!! Good thing you were not out there unprotected in that hail...ouch!

  9. Have fun in class!
    That hail did sound nasty - not weather to be outside in, that is for sure!

  10. I so hope you enjoy the class, Silke! We are expecting SNOW on Friday! I am keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't damage all our blooming flowers! Theresa

  11. HI Silke! Just starting to catch up! Wow!! So excited for you! This is great that you are taking a drawing class!! Cannot wait to see what you create! good for you! :)