Friday, September 17, 2010

Visit to Germany, Part 3

Aside from spending time with my sister and her family and traveling a good bit through Germany, and the wedding, my dad and I had fun visiting Münster and doing a little sightseeing in the area. Although, we both agreed that there wasn't nearly enough time to do everything we had wanted to do.

Plus, the fact that I developed a slight cold toward the end of my stay and we were both tired from so much activity, forced us to build in some R&R time and enjoy my dad and his wife, Ingrid's, backyard and their wonderful little dog, a German Pinscher. Of course, I totally forgot to take pictures of those relaxed times...

But here a few pics of me seeing a newly developed part of town for the first time (they did a great job with it!),
visiting the bi-weekly market (only one short visit!),
eating with my dad at one of my very favorite restaurants, Vapiano (it's already in several big cities in the US and coming to even more, just not anywhere near Savannah... sigh!),
- don't you just love that big olive tree in the middle of the table? - ,
drinking a cappuccino,
and another with a couple of yummy little pastries,
and visiting an old mansion right around where my dad and Ingrid live, but that we had never explored.
Isn't it something?
I love those bright colors!
It houses a museum at the moment.
Can you imagine living in a huge mansion like that? And washing all those windows?!?
It was a fantastic visit!
Danke, Papa!!

Tomorrow, I'll have some nature pictures I took over in Germany of all the different things we saw in the woods while going on some wonderful little hikes. After that, a couple of odds and ends, one art related. And then some knitting updates ... I've been VERY busy since I got back!

Thank you all for your great comments and visits! I hope to visit all of your blogs this weekend!!


  1. Great pictures! I love living vicariously through you. That red chair your dad is sitting in is to die for -- love it! And that mansion -- it would be a dream to live there and have that huge place for entertaining. Washing windows? Not a chance. If I can afford the mansion, I can afford a window-washer. Fun post, Silke. Thanks!

  2. Fabulous! The mansion, the Olive tree, the pastries, the lawn, the architecture, ...

  3. ...the relationship with your dad. :-)

  4. You really sound like you had a brilliant time Silke, love all the pictures, that olive tree is fab!!

    Micki x

  5. Silke these are lovely! And what a time you had! The picture of you and your dad is beautiful! So happy!


  6. Love the photo of you and your father, it is nice you enjoy his company so.

  7. What a wonderful picture of you and your father!
    I love the olive tree in the middle of the table.
    It looks like you had such a great time.
    Love and hugs.

  8. The outdoor market looks magical Silke! I love the picture of you and your dad! You both have beautiful eyes!

    Love, C

  9. Wonderful photos and memories! Now I know where you get those eyes! Speaking of eyes, what a special post by your hubby in his blog while you were away...

  10. Wow, Silke, all the photos of your trip are fabulous. I've enjoyed looking at and reading about your visit to Germany in your last 3 posts and I really look forward to the photos of the things you saw in the woods.
    What a great picture of you with your Dad. I'm sure this was a visit you will never forget.
    ♥ audrey

  11. Silke, have so enjoyed these posts---German fresh air markets are the best!
    You must have had an absolutely marvelous time, and I hope your Father enjoyed the art you took him.
    But I think his favorite work of art was sitting there beside him! ;)


  12. oh my goodness....these pictures are incredible!!!

    the mansion is stunning.

    oh and that olive tree right plunk down in the middle of the table.....LOVE IT!!!

    and beautiful are glowing in these pics!


  13. Looks like you thoroughly enjoyed your visit! Wonderful photos!

  14. Oh Silke - these are wonderful photos - love them all - the market (sigh), the mansion, the adorable town. You look absolutely beautiful at the restaurant - and the photos of you and your father are priceless - the family resemblence is amazing - (he is such a handsome man.)

    You have surely been bleesed with this opportunity to return "home~~"


  15. I love the photo of you and your dad can totally tell you're related ;-)

  16. These are great! My favorite is the one with you and your Dad looking so happy. What a clean place! Do you still have jet lag?

  17. Quite nice of your dad to pass on his good genes to you!!! That mauve (is it mauve) is YOUR COLOR!! You own it, girl! Germany is still beautiful, but you are The Beautiful One! **kisses** Deb

  18. Love seeing your photos, Silke! You are so enveloped with joy in these photos. The sweetest is definitely the one of you and your dad - lovely. Can't wait to see your nature photos! Theresa

  19. Wow...thanks for showing all the gorgeous architecture and buildings..fascinating..i love the old charm and textures and just so gorgeous! Lovely journey of you and your dad..both so cute!