Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Maiden...

Do you remember the Summer Maiden (15 x 22 inches, mixed media painting) I painted about a year ago. My dad took her to Germany and had her framed for my sister (it was so much fun seeing my framed art at their house this summer!).
Well, my dad kept saying how much he loved that painting and so I decided to paint a similar one for him. I was curious if I would be able to sort of make a copy of a painting. Of course, I didn't want to make her exactly the same, and so I had fun making her similar, yet giving her her own personality. What do you think?
My dad got her framed while I was still there at the most wonderful little frame shop in their village.
And he got my first couple of paintings framed as well - they all hang in the guest room where I stayed, along with a beautiful piece of artwork from Daniel. How fun is that?!?
I haven't painted anything yet since getting back, but I've been knitting up a storm and will show you all of that tomorrow!

In the meantime, I hope you are all having a most wonderful weekend!


  1. What a kick that your father loves your work so. When I compared the two, I was initially attracted to the one your did for your father, but when I had studied them for a while, I decided that I preferred the first painting better, although I would have to think about it for a while longer to say why.

  2. Hi dear Silke, I think they are both beautifull, and very special,-love them both, and if it was my disition to make :one or the other--it would be dependent of where it should fit in-
    Have a lovely sunday, dear.

  3. They look so beautiful and even more so in frames! Your paintings have such a lovely feel to them, well done :) xx

  4. The painting is lovely, Silke! I love its whimsy and spirit! So free and quite beautiful. :) I can't wait to see all your knitting projects. I've been working on some, too. Thankfully, they are quick projects. :) Have a great Sunday! Theresa

  5. Silke!!! OH my...I adore them both.And so gorgeous framed as well. They are both unqiuely their own..yet they hold a a similar energy-imprint that truly shines and stands out!!
    do you have a fave?

    I find there are times when certain pieces..begin to is ike there is an evolving essence that wants to keep creating or MORE to them..and thus a series begins without even ever setting out to do a family of paintings that are all connected. I have some paintings who have gone on to have symbolic sisters and mothers..they just seem to be interconnected in some way.. and it is like sometimes you tap into this "energy- essence"..and this certain energy must keep is wonderfully powerful!

    I love them both. The first one has this strong vintage-y feel to it...then the second one feels more out in the open..newer..there is a different vibrancy i feel from the second one..and the originating piece..feels like the foundation essence standing strong..a powerful layer that leads to the next one...they both are truly doors of different powers..! I totally love them!
    Oh my..sorry i ramble on..I just feel sparked by art and love chatting..thanks for sharing this exciting work. all paintings in the post are beautiful! Shine on!!

  6. Silke these are so lovely!! I think you did just what you set out to do....captured her essence and yet made her a bit different.

    It must have been so exciting to see your art in that beautiful frame on the wall! Its great!

    Looking forward to seeing your new knitted creations! :)

  7. I love them all - and they look so professional in frames hanging on the wall - like an artist's gallery.

    I love the serenity of your work; they make me stop and appreciate the beauty of nature and the world around me.

  8. Congrats, you were able to duplicate the feeling of the painting, without it being a direct copy.

  9. How wonderfully special, Silke. And they look great...your Dad sounds so so nice.

  10. I think they would have made a great matched set. I think it is nice that your father is so proud of your work.

  11. OH my, she IS lovely! Wonderful job on both of them. Look how proud your Daddy is of you...always his little girl, yes? **blows kisses** Deb

  12. Your father must be very proud of both you and Daniel!!

  13. So lovely! everybit, your beautiful paintings (both) and the framing and your family loving them all.

    That was such a precious thing to do Silke, making the painting for your Dad.

    Can't wait to see what your knitting. :)

    ♥ lori

  14. They look wonderful framed! Both of them, all of them! I like them all!

  15. Oh yes! That's one of my favorites of yours, too! She is so very dreamy. I love that she now has a sister!

    And your photos are fantastic! I love looking through all of them. Those chickens cracked me up!

  16. Silke - your beautiful maiden paintings are amazing - and they look fabulous framed at your Father's house - what a tribute to your creative inspirations. AND what a tribute to you and Daniel that both of your have framed pieces inhis home - (Daniel's are amazing also!) You are both a blessing to us all in that you share your talents here for us to see~~


  17. that look on her face, silke! she is cautiously wide open. these two are close to my favorites. they are both honorable kind curious women. and i'm pretty sure they have a good fashion sense as well.

    i envy the vibrant relationship you and your Dad have. how wonderful that you can share and he can cherish. i have a Dad like that too, but we now must do that from up above and so below :(

    okay, so what else have i missed? germany, i think! i'll be back! :)

  18. These ladies are two of my favorites. Your art looks so wonderful framed and hanging on the wall! Isn't it nice that your father is your biggest fan? ☺

  19. There is no bigger compliment than finding ones art in someone else's home...very nice!