Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This 'n' That

Daniel had a book signing last weekend and I got this great photo of him! The proud author and illustrator! It was fun hanging out at the book store and meeting all kinds of people. He sold a bunch of books and then we bought a bunch. Funny how that happens....
And just look at this - this is just some of the love I have received in the mail lately! Oh, so very special!
And then arrived the latest issue of my favorite German magazine. I wasn't going to do this again, but I just have to share some of the beautiful pages with you...
Among others, there are articles on decorating with radishes (I'd never have thought of that),
cooking for Easter,
rhubarb (I so love rhubarb and can't wait for it to be in season again),
nesting birds,
tiny chickens,
and the most elaborate chicken coops.
Aren't they amazing?
I hope I don't bore you with this every time I get my copy of the magazine, but it's so pretty I want to share it with all of you. Thanks for indulging me!


  1. Good Morning! I am totally facinated that you have a writer ,illustrator as a husband and you loving art as well . Did he help influence you? Do you get to peek over his shoulder when he draws? you both seem facinating:) oh and thanks for sharing your magazine.

  2. Das Photo von Daniel ist toll.
    Ich wette du plkatzt vor Stolz (hihi).
    Ich hab die neue Ausgabe der Landlust auch schon in Händen gehabt, mich aber für ein neues Magazin mit dem Titel Liebes Land" entschieden. Im Prinzip das selbe in grün.

  3. Congrats to Daniel on a successful book signing! I've hosted a few of them for authors, and it always makes me so happy when the author does well. Looks like a Barnes & Noble? What nice pretties you've received in the mail! I love getting goodies in the mail...it always makes my day!
    Theresa :)

  4. Liebe Silke,
    ich habe gerade bei amazon das "George Washington"-Buch von Daniel bestellt! Die Landlust muss ich nicht mehr kaufen, die liegt seit einigen Tagen auf meinem Lesestapel. Du weißt ja: meine Lieblingszeitschrift!!
    Alles Gute

  5. Tolle Foto's silke!
    Die Landlust hab ich auch schon hier liegen,
    die Zeitung ist einfach großartig!
    lg Rein

  6. This is so funny -- I was just thinking about your magazine yesterday & wondering if you had gotten any more issues! Please keep sharing with us -- you know how I love magazines, and this German one is a beauty!

  7. Love the magazine and BIG CONGRATS for Daniel!!!!
    Sorry this is short--off to the doc and I really need to be cleaning up but trying to hit my sisterfriends blogs FIRST! LOL!
    My priorities are right.....
    Hugs to you both!


  8. Congrats to Daniel! That's so exciting! You must be so proud!
    The pages are stunning in that magazine!

  9. What a beautiful and lovely post!Sounds like a wonderful time at the book signing..fabulous! So exciting! You are both super talented!
    Best wishes!

  10. Congrats Daniel...great photo! And how special it must be to get "real" mail!! Beautiful magazine...thanks for sharing.

  11. How fascinating that your husband and you are both so talented and artistic! A perfect match.
    Congratulations on his new release, it must be thrilling.

    Hey that's a great magazine! Love the idea of decorating with radishes, I might copy that, if you don't mind, at my next minestrone night. I have a regular evening a week when my friends come over for dinner and we sit in religious silence eating our soup of the day. Then I bring out the wine, and the party begins.

    Whetever topic is at hand, I always end up talking about food...

    Ele xx

  12. I had no idea that your hubby was this wonderfully talented children's illustrator....how fortunate for you to have a soulmate that shares your passion for art. His book looks fabulous....big time congrats to him!!

    Thanks for sharing the fun pages from your magazine :)

  13. Great photo of Daniel with his books...and wonderful for him that the signing went so well. Hard to imagine being in a book store Silke and not buying any yourself...I can never resist, even if I go in just looking for a magazine!!

    Speaking of magazines...please keep sharing...the photography in the one you get from Germany is gorgeous and I love tha tyou share with us.

    Lots of lovely mail too -- I see a few familiar sights in that grouping!! :)

  14. Hallo Silke,

    Guten Morgen! Daniel ist sehr stattlich und schön. Eine was für große Fotographie von ihm.

    I hope I said that correctly. Look at all those people who love you!

    The German magazine is so beautiful. The pictures are outstanding. I love magazines too. We have stacks of them here, Sigh* I have no time to read all of them. I will have to bring them to work to read at lunch.

    Have a wonderful day Silke.

  15. The book signing sounds exciting, good for Daniel. What an interesting looking magazine, the chicken coops do look pretty amazing. I like the one with the thatched roof and little red door the best.:)

  16. Congratulations to Daniel on a successful book signing. Isn't B & N a wonderful place?
    I enjoyed your magazine and looking back at your art. How thrilling that you have discovered that you are an artist!!
    ♥ audrey

  17. I could SO live in one of those chicken coops! Adorable! Oh Silke, see how well you are loved! And now....drum rolllllllllllll...
    Congratulations Daniel! **clapping of many hands** Deb

  18. Completely lost my comment just now, so I will try again and hopefully you won't end up with two:} Nothing boring about this post! I am a true bibliophile so books books and more books are just fine! Great post. Blessings to you two!

  19. Congrtulations to Daniel and I'm not surprised. His writing and illustration skills are the best. You magazine is great. We have chickens, birds, roosters. Well my husband does. :D I just look at them and collect the eggs. Again congrats to Daniel! Take care Silke.Oh, the bread came out really good.

  20. I wish Daniel much success with his books.
    Landlust is really an interesting read, too!

  21. How fun to spend the week end in a book store. And how great for Daniel. What wonderful treats in the mail. I love the photos in the magazine of the birds-I just love birds. I need to get a good zoom lens on my camera for pictures.


    What a great photo...he's quite handsome!!!

    I love that you share images from your magazine...very interesting and i adore the pics of the chicken coops!!

    sending love!!!

  23. Congrats to Daniel, what a fun life you two live!
    I love you sharing your magazine.
    Enjoy your week!

  24. wow I am going to look out for Daniel's book in New Zealand... I hope it comes here. Probably wont for ages, we are first to see the sun each day but the last to get the cool stuff.

    Love the magazine pic... so beautiful.

  25. Sweet friend, The illustrations of your husbond ,are so very wonderfull, I love the book cover shown on your photo, and I love childrens books, so often I buy for the drawings, and story, to inspire my doll creations.
    Silke dear, wishing you a good and happy evening.
    Love Dorthe

  26. You never bore me!
    Congrats to Daniel too - how awesome.
    I know you are proud.
    hugs Silke!

  27. Silke, it is always such a pleasure coming here, seeing what new things you and Daniel are up to, painting, cooking, gardening and traveling, even the little outings are so much fun. and always inspiring.
    how proud you must be of your husband, it is the same for me, it's a blessing.
    i giggled at how you sold some books and then bought some more, we would have done the same thing :)
    ♥ lori

  28. silke, where to start?

    rhubarb! there are two giant rhubarb plants (?) in my backyard. the leafs are gigantic, three feet wide! i will think of you when they break ground this spring.

    daniel looks just great at his book signing. i did four book signings last summer and a couple in the fall. it is an incredible feeling to talk about your own book, to have people appreciate and buy it. i want to visit daniel's blog on of these days. his illustrations make me laugh because i think they were done by the boy inside him!

    and those chicken coops. jeez louise.

    thinking of renee tonight, silke. feeling pretty sad. i saw jacquie's comment to pattee et al, my heart goes out to her.


  29. /////////////what an amazing book singing!!!

    Thank you Silke for your post from Jacquie...

    It made my heart relax and feel the love for our Renee... Thank you so much~

  30. What an achievment, so good to hear such fabulous news. Congratulations Daniel and Silke.



  31. Yes it's great stuff. Must be exciting but slightly scary getting out in public. The author as entertainer on a different stage?

    Congratulations.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  32. I loved the magazine pictures!! Congratulaions to Daniel on his book!! You both are so talented!!!

  33. OMG! That's FANTASTIC!!! I wish I could have been to the book signing. Congratulations, Daniel! I will have to go out and buy this book NOW.

    I want to live in one of those chicken coops!