Thursday, February 4, 2010

Finished Painting AND Illustration Friday - Focused

Focused on her Dreams

Yesterday, I finished her. After thinking for quite a while that this time I may have to start the painting over, everything came together and now I really like her! In fact, I am a little enchanted by this woman...
I managed to keep some of the background peaking through, like in the area between her eyes and on her chin. I love how she has words showing through on her forehead. (You can click on any of the images to see them bigger.)
You can see some of the background in her neck and her shirt as well.
And here, I even went in with rubbing alcohol after the fact and took off the acrylic wash I had put on so you can really see some of the beautiful papers. I actually use rubbing alcohol quite frequently to take off paint and let the background shine through. I use paper towels for large areas and q-tips for small ones. It works great for me!
Thank you all for sticking with me from beginning to the end on this one! I hope you like her as much as I do!!

P.S. Click here if you want to see how others have illustrated this week's topic of focused.


  1. Hi Silke ,
    this new way of making your paintings, are fantatsic, I just think ,this woman, are gorgeus, and loved to click to see her close,
    such a great work.

    Love and hugs Dorthe

  2. Hey there... my first time to stop by and have to say that this is FAB. Loved her :)

  3. Hi Silke!

    I love how she turned out, and the words left visible on the forehead. Like the third eye, a focus of inner wisdom.
    The use of rubbing alcohol is some thing I may have to try; it certainly brought up the papers beneath beautifully---showing enough without *bare paper* just staring out.
    She is really meditative and the use of color and angle of the head adds to a lot of visual excitement.
    Bravo!!! :)


  4. hi Silke, i clicked on the image to see it carefully :))) and it's beautiful, really!!
    you did a wonderful painting..


  5. Really! Wow! Very interesting technique Silke but you know what I like the best? They way you describe your process. I can see your enjoyment, your satisfaction and happiness at seeing her develop and finally liking her. That is a wonderful feeling. I can relate to that. Even though my medium is different, we have the same process of learning to love the people we paint and create. Yes, it is a wonderful feeling to love again and again. It makes us feel young I think and makes us love life!

    Yes rain again today and very cold. It will be a nice brisk walk for me later. Have a wonderful day my dearest Silke. You and cool Daniel and cool Winslow, keep warm altogether and enjoy creating.

  6. This one is just gorgeous, Silke! Congrats!!

  7. I am so glad those stunning papers show! Cool learning technique about the alcohol! She is flowing and gorgeous and you should be so proud. She gives peace and strength. She is a creation of you wonderful friend.

  8. I never thought about using alcohol to remove the dried paint! Great idea. And I'm so glad you did that on this piece because the background was so lovely.
    Very nice.

  9. She's gorgeous Silke! I really like what you do with your's very cool!!

  10. Oooh! I do love her. She is haunting.

  11. She is beautiful Silke, I so enjoyed watching the process. Fascinating.

  12. I love the Words on her forehead and I love her hair

    and I love your excitement

  13. I love that you let some of you beautiful backgrounds show through, it adds depth and interest. I especially like the words on the face but than I love words they can be any where and it would be ok.

  14. Oh my, she IS enchanting!!! LoVe! Although you actually had me with the paper collage...this is icing on the cake!
    **kisskiss** Deb

  15. I love how the portrait is fused with the beautiful background colors. The little flowery details in the upper right hand corner and beautiful. I think it's wonderful how, the longer you look at this painting, the more you notice. It's layered, in more ways than one.

  16. She came out lovely, Silke! The painting is REALLY beautiful! :) Theresa

  17. She came out beautiful. Great work. I never thought of using alcohol and now I know. Thanks, I'll have to try that sometime. Have a great Friday Silke. Again, awesome painting.

  18. Oh she's beautiful. I love the texture. I am one of those that looks at something and says "how did he/she do that?" The squares/rectangles had me asking that.

  19. Silke, I just love this piece. It has so much depth to it. The time and effort you put into it really shows. This is an extra-special lady!

    I'm wondering -- is this about the time last year that you started doing art on a regular basis?

  20. Just beautiful, everything about her i love. Your enthusiasm for her makes her even more lovely. thank you for showing us how you do it Silke!
    have a wonderful thursday,

  21. Brilliant..happy to see this magical soul all complete ..yes she is a very enchanted one! Wonderful work. yay!

  22. she is lovely...i really enjoyed seeing her transform from beginning to beautiful end!!

    q-tips....that is a good tip (no pun intended there!!). i always use papertowels which work great, but not so much in the smaller areas!

    happy thursday sweet Silke!


  23. I really love seeing the background paper peeking through... give her a really nice feeling.

  24. I hope you don't mind my adding myself to your followers but I love your blog. I just took a quick peek and will be back to look more carefully but beautiful artwork, love the Wed. photos, and that adorable cup.

  25. Thank you dearest Silke! Is it still gray over there? It's been raining here and I did not see the sun at all but just the same, the day was bright with the cheers from my sisterfriends! Have a wonderful evening! TSUP!

  26. You too!? Have you seen Manon's art supply issue? HAHAHA! Everybody seems to be infected by the bug or addicted somehow. We should each post the manifestations of our problems. HAHAHA!

  27. We must never seek intervention or treatment for our problems. HAHAHAHAHA!AAAAHHH! I have a huge box of scrapbooking materials that have languished in the corner for more than four years. Now and then I would open the box and close my eyes to imagine all the albums I intend to make. I have used up most of the boards and embellishments for my daughter's school projects.

  28. Sounds good. I am sure Manon will bring bags of SunChips! Oh man, I am so tired. I can't believe I am admitting it but I think I need to get some sleep! This is too early for me but I can't keep my eyelids open! Goodnigth Silke.

  29. Lovely, Silke. I love the backgrounds and the way they peek through.

  30. Wonderful...and I'm learning too. When owoh is over, I hope to get back here and check out more of your generous shares on how you put these beautiful, complex paintings together.

  31. She's beautiful, Silke. So pleased you kept with her! Love the collage writing through her face.
    Adds so much depth.
    The carrots look so yummy! You make such beautiful meals.
    Thank you Silke for your caring messages, so happy and nervous at the same time. I was actually feeling very nervous and a little wishy washy like I was going to faint at just the thought of being on the chair having the bone piece taken out. I know I have to get it done, but have grown a great fear.
    Still giddy at the thought it may soon be all over!
    Thank you both of you for your beautiful messages and to say your scarf still keeps my neck and face warm and is so much appreciated and needed!

    Loads of love!


  32. I love the finished's gorgeous!! and I love her hair!!!