Friday, February 26, 2010

Hoping for Spring...

I am trying to force spring in our house. It's been so cold here and I am so ready for some warmer days that Daniel brought in branches of our ornamental pear, which are now in full bloom in my kitchen. And I've bought some silk flowers and place little bouquets around the house.
Then, yesterday, I got out some yarn and spring colors and knit this scarf. I guess I am in spring mode now...
If you like it, you can find it in my knitting/crocheting etsy store. Simply click here.

Hoping for a few balmy days soon... How about you?!


  1. very the blooms too!

  2. Beautiful scarf, Silke! I love all those spring colors. :) Happy weekend to you! :) Theresa

  3. Yes, oh so ready for spring...however we rec'd 18" of snow on Wednesday :(

  4. Totally off topic...I just wanted to let you know that we saved your last recipe and are looking forward to trying it. That, and a while back your post on Charleston reminded me of a movie/mini series "North and South" that I once watched. I hunted it down and we will be watching it tonight...thanks for the inadvertent reminder.:) I just thought I would let you know because I always find it very fascinating how we effect each others lives in subtle ways and are so often unaware of it.:)

  5. I'm feeling guilty because I don't have to force spring where I live, it is happening every day more and more. My little peach tree is just a ball of pink in the back yard. Your spring will come and you will enjoy it all the more for having had to wait so long.

  6. Yes, definitely ready for some spring up here in Maine! Survived very bad rain and wind storm last night and am thankful it wasn't the big load of snow that got dumped on NYC. But yes, I am looking forward to those temps above 50! Your flowers are beautiful. (Will email you w/ an update over the weekend ☺ )

  7. Oh yes, that recipe on the bread is awesome. Hi Silke. What fine work you do. Everything looks beautiful and you sound happy and that's good. Enjoy. Also enjoy your weekend. Take care.

  8. I think it does look like spring there in your house now! i LOVE those forced blooms, so gorgeous!
    and your silk flowers look real in the photo, they add so much don't they?
    your scarf is defintely in spring colors, so pretty!
    i hope it warms up there soon!
    love, lori

  9. Hi Silke, gosh Sweetie it's been so long now that I've posted! I've missed you so much and wanted to stop in this evening to see how you were. I love all the Spring flowers, winter has been a long one here! It's still snowing. We had gotten about 10 inches of snow since last night again. I've worn your beautiful scarf that you made for me now many times! I just got back out of the hospital again this week. My kidneys sure aren't what they're suppose to be! I see Winslow and Ramses are looking good, my Rocky says to say hi to them. Gosh, your paintings are still so incredible and awesome! I've actually dreamt about them a few months ago! I see that Daniel has a Etsy shop now, that's great! I'm so excited to be able to stop here and see you again! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Love your pears blooms! Reminds me of the German custom to cut cherry branches around the beginning of December, so they will bloom at Christmas...
    It has been milder here this week, but the temps are supposed to drop again next week.

  11. How pretty all the flowers are. Hang in there Silke, spring will be here soon!

  12. Dear Silke, your pear branches looks so beautifull, -here we are thirsting for spring feeling too, is waiting to show it`s face this year.

    Your scharf is so enliven, AND BEAUTIFULL.

    Have a great week-end dear Silke.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  13. Beautiful scard Silke! I have a ball of that yarn in a basket with other specialty yarns; I enjoy them as decoration as much as I enjoy knitting.
    Here, it is still *wool-sock-knitting-time* and warm scarves and hats.
    Your blog was a breath of Spring air......would you like to Spring Clean my house??? ;D


  14. Dein Schal erinnert mich an verpacktes Eiskonfekt.
    Weist du welches ich meine?
    Es war eigentlich gar nicht so lecker, aber die Verpackung war so schön schillernd und bunt.
    Ach nee, seit ich auf Diät bin, denk ich nur noch an Schokolade (lol)

  15. Thanks for the flower pics...I'm looking out my window at snow. Getting pretty tired of snow. Great great scarf.

  16. It is really something how the cold and dark affects us. It shows up in our art and can make us spin our wheels. Sometimes I just go to greenhouse with little Nate in the winter and soak in the steam and sunny warmth. It is bliss. I also start painting more and more especially with pinks, aquas, and warm beiges. It brings me out of any mood to bake some biscotti, make some coffee and paint pink things hee hee. I love your blossoms. Take care dear dear friend. Blessings and light.

  17. totally agree! Here in London UK it has been a really horrible, cold winter. I need sun, warmth, flowers, birds . . . .

    Good luck with your art journey - for me too, it was the best thing I ever did!


  18. YES YES! YES! You are a wonderful woman. You know how to cheer yourself up. The corner looks lovely with the books, shells and flowers.

    I am off call until 8 AM tomorrow then I am oncall again. I am so sick of call. I was awakened several times last night that sleeping was useless. Then I finally collapsed and missed picking up a page so my manager was paged for the escalation, she had to call me and The Viking answered the phone. I felt bad that she had to be paged but I must have missed the page.

    I am drawing today just to calm my nerves.

    ACK! I need a Silke flowers!!!

    I am eating cheese and raspberry coffee cake. YUM!

    I shall return again later today just to say hello.

  19. LOOK HEY!!! I found spring you guys!!!! It's over here!!! OMG!!! How awesome is this post. Boy you really made my day with all this wonderful beautiful. My family lives in South Carolina low country and I get to come over to Savannah and do some shopping. This is great.

  20. I am so longing for spring's sweet song, dear Silke. I can hear her on the breeze, moving closer. Not long now! Oh, and I just love the vibrant colours in your scarf. Love & bright wishes. xx