Thursday, February 11, 2010


I'm not sure that this is a "real" word , but if it isn't, it should be because I've been pastelling with a passion every day! I am so hooked ... maybe because it reminds me of playing with colored chalk when I was a kid.

Now, this girl gave me some trouble, especially her hair. First she looked like she had a beaver sitting on her head and then she resembled a dowdy old schoolmarm. Now hair hair is quite modern, but reminds Daniel of a squirrel tail...which made me laugh again.

In any case, she was almost thrown away, but now I actually like her. What do you think?


  1. Liebe Silke, mir gefällt dein Bild sehr gut! Die beschriebenen "Haarprobleme" erinnern mich an meine eigenen ...
    Alles Liebe aus Deutschland,

  2. Good morning you sweet beautiful and lovely human being YOU! Sorry sorry sorry I am swamped but I have so much reason to jump with joy! First - YOU YOU YOU! Mwah! TSUP! TSUP! with a capital T to you. Thank you dearest Silke. I will say more in private later, BUT here goes for now:


    Verb - To use pastel medium in art; to fling paste across the room; also to eat paste (like Deborah when she was a little girl); to tell about the past; to sit down and have tea while reading Silke's blog

    Noun - a work created using the pastel medium; a wad of paste; a short story about someone's past; Silke's passion

    There you go. Etymology - the derivation of words. That's how words evolve like sisterfriend (example: Silke and Ces are sisterfriends)

    Good morning! It is bitter cold and rainy here, the skies have been gray and I missed my exercise yesterday so gotta do double today if I can squeeze double. TSUP!

  3. I like her - squirrel tail and all!
    I also like pastelling - I read it as Past Telling until I read your friends comment. DUH! Pastels! but I really like the idea of paste slinging.
    good way to start my day - thank you

  4. Great job w/ the pastels; especially like the paper's texture through your strokes. And I really like the hair...she does look modern, hip, cool.

  5. The one thing that pops out is that her hair and top are almost exactly the same color.
    Silke, she's just like the rest of us, she needs some highlights put in the hair!
    Looking at your other work, there is either a similar color working between hair and clothing (but with more highlight or slightly different shade) or the use of complementary colors.
    IF IT WAS MINE..... (LOL!).......I would try darkening the upper left corner, and then pulling highlights.
    And we all have squirrel tail hair some mine today, though it really is more like one of those semi-hairless dogs---bits and pieces going everywhere!
    I think she has much potential! :)


  6. My comment was going to be that I love her! I love the work you've been doing with pastels. It's such fun to find a medium that your passionate about.
    OMG.... I just read Ces's comment!! That woman is waaaay to smart!! lol


  7. i think you did a super job on her hair. it was the first thing i noticed. you couldn't have done her bangs any better if you tried 100 times!

    you are drawing. i am writing. spring is coming.


  8. I like her too silke! Aren't pastels nice? I love how they soften and clean up the edges on my faces.....but then I'm taking a class now to learn to loosen up and not be so stiff. Go figure :) HA!

  9. I actually think she's a little Shy and probably appreciated not being thrown away...
    Shy is good...and she is sweet...
    Keep her!

  10. She is great! Pastels give such a calm feeling to your painting.


  11. I think I LOVE her!!! There is something different about her more than her hair. Although I love her hair. Think you could come do my hair tomorrow? She seems younger and very open...expectant almost, seeking joy. HA! Ces is a genius. **kisskiss** Deb

  12. A lovely picture. You had us both laughing with the hair comments.:)

  13. I love that even pastel girls have problems with their hair. No I don't feel so bad about mine!

  14. Hi dear,
    Can`t believe you would throw her out, she is wonderfull, and her hair kind of sweet, too, so please don`t say like that, and keep the sweet girl, with the little bit sad yes.

    Hugs to you,

  15. She's definitely a 'keeper' Silke - I love the soul shining out of your creations! Still don't know how you make such beauty...! LOVE, Rachel xox

  16. WOW!! To me - it's not a 'she' it's a 'he' there is a real boyishness to that face, a sensitivity & a vulnerability - I think that's what Bram will look like when he's older!!

    Andrew used to draw with pastels a lot too - they are a beautiful medum to use.

    Hope you & Daniel are well xxx

  17. By the way, have you ever tried oil and pastel? That is how I first started. I drew with pastel then brushed it with oil.

  18. I love making up new words with my daughter! This is beautiful. I love the media choice. You are so versatile! Great and lovely works.

  19. OH YES ! do keep her...she is wonderful...

    and I like her hair...

    and silke..thanks for asking about Buddy..we have good days and not so good days..but we are holding our own...

    he is at The Golden Paw right now....don't you love the name..he doesn't like it very much...poor little guy..but as soon as they call i am there to get him in 30 seconds...or less ;-)

    good to visit with you today, my friend
    sending love and warm wishes
    kary and buddy

  20. she is by no means a throw away... she looks very quiet and reflective.

  21. Love the hair, it looks like it is blowing in the breeze so light and fancy free. And I love the word, made up or not it is playful and full of fun.

  22. Dear Silke,
    you made me laugh out loud, a beaver and then a squirrel, heehehee! so funny and you are so cute, i like the word pastelling, i like to do this too, make verbs, it is made up? right? anyway, it's adorable, your words, and your soft pastel picture. i bet you get very messy.
    have a wonderful thursday,

  23. oh don't throw her away- maybe she is just having a bad hair day like me most days and most days a squirrel tail is better than frizz! She is wonderful.

  24. well, i'm glad that you changed your mind about throwing her away....she's definitely a keeper!! and her hair looks great (better than mine most days!!). so glad you're enjoying your new pastelling passion!! :)))

  25. Aaaack! I just typed a comment and Blogger zapped it. Maybe it found it bordering on prolixity! Anyway I was just talking about parasites.

    I used linen paper and canvas paper for oil and pastel. I had rectangular pastel sticks but I was only 14 years old so I was just playing although my sisters held on to my drawings and paintings.

  26. Here is a word for you from

    pas⋅tel⋅ist  [pa-stel-ist; especially Brit. pas-tl-ist] Show IPA
    an artist who draws with pastels.
    Also, especially British, pas⋅tel⋅list.

    1880–85; pastel 1 + -ist

  27. and another thing: It has something to do with paste!!! HAHAHAHAH!

    Word Origin & History

    1662, "crayons, chalk-like pigment used in crayons," from Fr. pastel "crayon," from It. pastello "a pastel," lit. "material reduced to a paste," from L.L. pastellus "dye from the leaves of the woad plant," dim. of pasta (see pasta). Meaning "pale or light color" first recorded 1899.

  28. Pastelling is a word in my personal vocabulary...but I must warn you, I am no WEBSTER! lol

    It's fun to work with materials that bring our childhoods back to our minds...I love the smell of crayola crayons for that very reason.

    please come for a visit anytime...i'll poke around your site some more now..

    ciao - hope to see you soon

  29. btw I'm your newest follower now... and i forgot to mention what drew me over here in the first place....

    i just posted tonight my art journal entry about butterflies...and your blog is called Metamorphosis...thought that was funny...

    anyways i look forward to meeting you


  30. Silke! Come! You inspired me! ♥

  31. Hi beautiful. I like her ;) Yesterday I was at my art course again and this time we had about Pastells. Come and see ;) Love, Annika

  32. No no no! Do not throw her out! I love her hair. In fact, I may go to the hairdresser and ask for the squirrel cut, because it's just darling! The blues you have behind her are FANTASTIC!

    Hahahaha! Ces's definitions.....HA!